sis with dementia in new facility for the last 2 weeks. can't go visit she is upset with me can't understand why i won't come see her. I told her there is a bad flu going around I don't want to make her sick. Also seemed like maybe care giver used a phone call with me as a bribe to get sis to take a nap. That is when caregiver placed the call-maybe anger hold over from aid making her do something she did not want to do...take a nap before they would call me. she can not do face time she does not have a smart phone or access to i pad or something else. She is distressed I don't blame her but want to help in some way could be a while until NH will allow visitors again.

Not sure if there is anything you can do. They shouldn't be allowing anything in. That goes for mail too. Handled by a lot of people.
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