My Mom came to live with me after my Dad passed and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I have a full time job (10 hrs per day-5 days) and we needed the income. I am single. This caregiver would send the bills in batches, several months at a time, usually $3000.00 - $4,000.00, and expected to be paid the full amount immediately. My Mom had to be moved to a nursing home and her caregiver left for an extended stay in the Phillipines, sending another batch of bills that were not correct. I sent her my questions/concerns and didn't hear back until a month ago, the week after my Mom passed. Her funeral expenses were over $11,000.00. She had no life ins., or money left so my brother and I had to come up with the money. Am I responsible for the bills from my Moms caregiver and if so, am I able to make payments? The bills are over $5,000.00 that I just don't have. Some have told me that I'm not and others that I am. I would be grateful for any knowledgeable advice.

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Was this woman caring for Mom in ur home? If so, why wasn't she being paid? If in Mom's home, what was the agreement between her and Mom. Hopefully, she was paid by check. Was she private or an agency?  If an agency then she would be paid by them and the agency would go after Mom.  Why did this woman allow your Mom to go for months without pay?  Was she living with Mom?  Need more info.  We are not responsible for our parents debts.  Were you POA and doing Mom's bills.  I think before I paid her a dime you need to have her prove hours worked even then I may not believe her if there was no written agreement.  Sounds like u would have a problem paying her.  I agree, she should get something for her work.  But if Mom had no money...
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Dear Teri,

I would talk to the caregiver. I hope she has all her time documented. What was your mom paying her? How much per month?

If there is no money left in the estate, I guess there is nothing that can be done. But hopefully you can work something out with her. I know this is another added stress during a difficult time.
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Who hired her, you or your mom? If her dealings were strictly with your mom then I don't think there is any way you can be held personally responsible. On the other hand, the caregiver deserves to be paid for her labour, if you can I would try to pay her what you can out of a sense of responsibility and the goodness of your heart, but not as an obligation.
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