My mom was diagnosed Alz , depression and psychosis and is on Aricept and at least three psychotrophic drugs for hallucinations, delusions, etc. The memory care nurses are thinking she could go to assisted living from memory care unit. I am doubtful, my Mom was wandering at her previous apt and I think she would leave assisted living . She is the most high functioning person in the facility (18 patients) and is not the confused delusional person she was when she first entered 2 months ago. Any advice? Has anyone else experienced a loved one getting better? Mom is extremely unhappy and has not settled into memory care although the administrator and nurses said she would eventually. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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There is no cure for dementia, and dementia gets worse over time, not better.

But ...

The point of all those drugs and treatments and a controlled environment is to improve quality of life by addressing symptoms. It sounds like this has been very successful in your mother's case.

She needs someone to supervise her medications. She needs to be observed and prevented from wandering. Could the assisted living facility provide this?

Not all dementia patients need to be in memory care.

Good luck!
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If your mom has improved in the 2 months she has been in the memory care unit, then I guess you have answered your own question. Maybe it is the structure, the meds or the lessening of stress that has helped her to be/seem less confused and delusional. I am assuming that you agree with that determination.

Why not let her try to live in an assisted living environment? If your mom is high functioning and has improved in the memory care unit, then maybe she will be ok in an AL facility that understands her background and needs.

It's up to you to find a place that can let her have more freedom, but also keep her safe. Does the current facility have any suggestions. Also, does the current facility have a financial connection with the facility(s) they would recommend.

You might want to go to and type in Nursing Homes Compare in the search window. You can learn a lot by putting in your zip code and seeing how places compare.

I hope things go well for you and your mom. You are on a difficult road. My dad did not have dementia, but suffered from a serious stroke. We kept him with us for 9 months. He is in a nursing home now and is at the end stage of life. Every step is difficult and I wish you and your mom well. Cattails
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