Living in a rental mobile home? This person's landlord has low rent for individual as can possibly be given. This person has spinal stenosis and was told to never go without her walker. She has to throw her walker down steps, make was slowly down steps and when returns struggles with walker going back up steps. She also has bowed knees which physical therapy said was not a good thing. Physical therapy said nothing they offer would help her. She lives by herself, barely able to keep house clean. Landlord takes her to doctor appts and helps where they can.

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Several communities have people that will do this. You'll have to look and ask around your own community to locate one. If you can't find someone for free, you can pay a handyman to build a wooden ramp.

Another option is you can look on sites such as Amazon and find an inexpensive metal ramp. Since she has spinal stenosis, I would have a ramp that isn't too steep. Elders with this condition often have trouble going down steep inclines. The only problem with the metal ramps is there are no railings. It's always handy to be able to grab hold of something if needed.
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