Are there any kind of activities I could do with my great grandmother when she starts talking crazy?


Me and my grandma take care of my papas mother she broke her hip and cant walk and she has Alzheimer's she wakes up all night. She wakes up all during the night. Last night she woke up sometime and she took off her brief pamper thing and was trying to take off her sleeping gown. She sees things all the time. when my grandamothere os at work i have to take care of her she is my grandpas mother she lived with her daughter but she called my papa and said come get her she is neaver to come back to my house. she tells us all the time that her daughter and son in law was doing all kinds of stuff to her and cussing her telling her she anit nothing but trash and all that stuff and she says things that they had done to her. its hard for me to take care of her she is 87 and im only 13 and me and my grandmother dont know what to do. she says people are takeing stuff out of her house and she sees stuff and sees people. today she was looking at the window and was sayign there was a kitten there and she told me to get it and bring it to her so i went out side and got one of our cats but there wasnt no kitten and i said heres the kitten and she cussed me saying that anit no d*** kitten and grabed the cat by its tail and threw the cat. when she starts talking crazy i get her to talk about her child hood and diffrent things and i do her nails when she starts talking crazy and do diffrent things.

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Maybe you can read to her. Try making a little picnic...make some small sandwiches, cookies, tea, etc and having together. Maybe ask grandma what kind of music she likes, get on Pandora and fine music from the 40s and just listen together. Are there old photos or photo albums she can look at with you and tell you some stories about the picture?

If she starts talking crazy, just let her and then distract her by saying "grandma lets go into the kitchen and get a snack", or take a walk, or ask grandma to help fold some laundry... Distracting grandma or moving to another room in the house might help re-orient her back into her "right mind".

You need to tell dad or another trusted friend or adult about your feelings, fears. You are too young to have these responsibilities and it isn't fair for adults to expect you to care for grandma while you are off from school? Who cares for grandma when you are at school?
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Oh my goodness. This is not your job! You need to be a 13 year old and enjoy that. This is way too much responsibility to place on someone your age. Your loved one needs to be placed in a facility. You talk to the adults in your life and let them know this isn't something that should have ever been asked of you. I am sorry you were placed in this position. Start enjoying being 13 and let the adults take care of adult problems. Wishing you the best of luck and begin enjoying your teenage years!
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thank you and yes i do attend school but i am not haveing school right now due to snow and she did have hobbies like playing outside with her dogs going to yardseles going every friday and saturday night with my papa her son to watch him play music and thats all i know about but i need to ask her and the things she used to do she cant do anymore because she broke her hip and every sence she hasnt been able to walk hardley because she is scared she will fall again. this girl comes over here every day pretending to be her friend and always brings up her past like what happend at her daughters house how they missed treated her like no you do not do that and she will say something like the orther day she said there was bugs in her water and you are susposed to say oh ok here let me go get you some more water and i will make sure there isnt any bugs in this cup she will say oh no theres no bugs and aig her on and fight with her and she writes all kinds of stuff about her and its personaly. she needs to quite comeing over to my home because she always has something to say and stuff that goes on and happens at my home is none of her bussines. she expects us to tell her our personly bussines that is gogin on in our house and when she finds out she goes off telling every body in the world its none of her bussines and she is telling my papas mother people is stealing her stuff and that we are goign to drop her off in the woods that me and my grandma is pousing her and thats where she gets all this crazy stuff that she tells me my papa and nana ahd i asked her where she heard it and she told me regina told her. if she is going to run her mouth to my great grandma and run her mouth about my great grandama personly bunniess and our personly bunnies than im goign to tell her she needs to quite comeing over here.
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First of all, you are entirely too young to be taking care of a person with these kinds of difficulties. Papa's Mother needs to be evaluated by a doctor and possibility meds can help with her mental problems. Please, Please if you ever feel threatened by this woman do call 911 and allow the professionals to handle the situation. Unfortunately, folks like this can become very violent and you certainly do not want her to hurt you or your grandma. She has no idea what she is doing but you do need to be aware of the danger.

Her reality is not our reality and at times you may not be able to talk her back into the real world. Sometimes it reaches the point that you just can't talk to them about anything other than what they are experiencing in their own minds. It can be very scary even for adult caregivers. Best to try not upsetting her but go along with the story line assuring her all is well. Did she have hobbies before that might interest her now? Every day may be so different than the previous making it hard to keep her entertained.

You sound very mature and patient for your age. Your grandmothers are blessed to have you around but there just comes a time when professional help is needed. Her doctor might suggested an in home evaluations to see what services she is eligible for. Hopefully you are attending school; if this is interfering with your education, other arrangements need to be made immediately. Best of luck!
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