My mom has Alzheimer's, very limited vision (can't read or see TV), and moves with difficulty using a walker.  Any ideas for activities? She lives at home with us and has a caregiver while I'm at work. We've tried audio books and CDs. She still is not interested yet continues to complain that there's nothing to do. We do some "chair" exercises but that doesn't fill the day. I don't know what to do.Any suggestions are welcome!

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I bought a nice quality xylophone (not a tinny sound, but like wind chimes) for my mother who has dementia & very little eyesight. She has enjoyed picking out tunes on it, and it gives her brain a workout while keeping her hands busy.
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Hello some ideas : it's most important to know the full history of your person from music to child memories clothes food sad times and happy time family and so on. Find out from loved ones friends there faith etc find out what triggers them and act on it with love and understanding. (1) Have you tried touch using different materials shapes button zips and making it in to an apron a little like children's mats etc toys. I under stand that you do not want it to be child like. Using sand soil cotton wool, fur sting etc. it could tigger of memories. But if that's there reality at that time it's okay.(2) What about smell senses game using herbs , flowers , candles perfume etc .(3) What about spas afternoons foot soaks with relaxing tunes ,Hand message. (4)Music bingo with or without the board and counters to cover. (5)Baking let the person do the mixing let them choose decoration Let them be messy.(6) quizzes (7) Some times it's nice to be quiet and listen to what they have to say.(8) Simon says game our residents correct me:) (9) sweet tasting. I hope this helps but I am still learning and every is acceptable to change and will not work every day I hope this helps yvonne.
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One lady at my mom's facility had me to bring her a bunch of soft yarn she could re-wind and fool with when I expressed concern that she has both poor vision and hearing, but she had no interest. I used to try bring big print and simple craft activity she used to enjoy, but she never did any. She sits and people-watches but I think anything that involves motor performance she is self conscious of and will not try. She would even complain she could not feed herself because she would sometimes spill a little or make a mess, but you could see the depression or shame really kick in when someone else actually fed her so we try to avoid that happening again!
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My mom had Alzheimer's and Macular Degeneration. She listened to books on tape for awhile, but then she really couldn't understand them. When I visited her everyday, I would put music on and sing and dance with her. When she couldn't dance anymore, I danced for her. We would also sit on the couch and sing, even if she couldn't remember the words, she would hum. She loved music and so I made sure it was always there.
When we were at the table, I used to bat one of those soft hand balls back and forth to her, or we played checkers and I would just make the rules up as we went, she didn't know how to play anymore.
My mom always called me, the girl who comes every day. Once in awhile, she would ask if I was her daughter.
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i'm having the same problem with my 91year G-mom who just set and talk about she has nothing to do, i got books like better house and gradens, cook books with photos, she looks in those, i got coloring books, puzzle, mind you she won't use them unless i start first. once i get her started, it holds her interest for about an hour some times a lttle longer. we play cards card games that kids play. when i'm in the kitchen if i'm doing something i think she can handle i'll let her do it, like peel the potatoes, clean the corn, things like that makes her feel needed. i use to just give it to her, but know i have to start it each day then she take it over. so good luck.
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