Mom (94) has dementia and in an ALF. Has no teeth, only full dentures. They have not used them as they put her on a liquified diet. Never wears them anymore. Does she need her AARP Delta Dental plan at this point? Pays about $160 every 3 months. Also has a no premium Medicare Advantage Plan with limited dental coverage.

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For your mom -who is fully in dentures - I don’t think it’s worth it. Should she need work done, it likely will be a specialist - maybe endodonist - and in my experience they do not take most insurance but instead have a dental payment lender you can sign up with. Plus if she has dementia and cannot follow instructions, like hold your mouth open, swish, spit, etc. - a dentist is not going to see her. They can’t provide care as she cannot be cognitive enough to be seen.

Delta is great if you have employer sponsored Health insurance as it pays 100% twice a year cleaning & annual bitewings, 50/70% of other work including orthodontics AND if your employer is paying a portion of the premium.

FWIW If your elder should anticipate filing for LTC Medicaid, doing a spend down of some of their assets to get dental work done is imo a good thing. Totally legit use of their $. Plus once they go into a Nh, dental care - unless they can still brush their teeth on their own - is pretty much having an aide run those pink sponge swab on a stick over their teeth and gums daily.
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Delta Dental covers Dentures?

I would drop the plan. Its probably more for regular cleanings and check ups. I had to look into one years ago and found I was better paying out of pocket by the time I paid the premium and the balance that was left over after the insurance paid. I think they only paid 50%. That $640 can go towards things she needs.
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I’d cancel it. When my dad became a senior he found that dental insurance was more costly than paying for whatever was needed out of pocket
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