The VA Clinic Has Accused Us of Abusing Our Mother


MY mom has been falling had to call ambulance to come help get her up so she has bruises on her now. I had to take her to the va clinic, and they called adult protective services on my family and I, so now they said we have to assist her to the bathroom, she calls us every five - ten minutes to harasses and we suppose to check on her every two hours .and it wasn't time yet she was suppose to call me and she didn't to get up to pee so she fell know shes hurt and they going to blame us ..what can I do when she won't listen to reasoning?

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Sounds like it's time for home health care.

You didn't specify what her health issues are, or her age. But if APS has been called in you might want to check on her more often. Possibly if she feels a burden to you she will try to do things on her own. Is there any possibilty of getting her into an assisted living facility? Also have her meds, if she is on any, been evaluated lately?
Wishing you the best solution for your mom..