Don't put me in a box., treat me as one with specific issues that need to be addressed in order for me to move on mentally healthy again.

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Bunni; From your profile, it sounds as though you are dealing with the death of your spouse after 60 happy years (that is AMAZING!) and depression. And that meds are not helping AND you are having poor sleep on top of that.

We are not therapists; have you reached out in your community for mental health support and not found a good "fit"?

These days, psychiatrists mostly just write perscriptions for meds; they don't do interpersonal therapy any longer.

The folks who have good training to do therapy are social workers and psychologists. If you go to "Psychology Today's" website, they maintain a registry of licensed social workers and psychologists. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right "fit"; please give it another try if you haven't had any luck yet.

And keep in touch here; we care!

Bunni, do know that this is basically an Elder Care Forum, with caregivers who are involved with caring for their elders, and who have questions or ideas to share. Many people look in on Forum daily several times, hoping to help others with useful information, or to get information. But we are not trained psychologists, and we are all different personalities.
If you are in need of mental health care it just might be wise to contact help in your area and work one on one with someone you can develop a trusting relationship, with someone you can interview, and with someone who is trained and able to help you.
I wish you so much good luck finding the help you want and need.

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