So as everyone knows my grandma keeps arguing with my family over the most stupidest things and it’s annoying I still don't know what's wrong with her. My dad said she could be getting Alzheimer’s but I'm not sure. My grandfather doesn’t even wanna be with my grandma anymore. The other day my grandma said that my sister wanted my grandfather just because she was standing by him. And just today she didn't want my older sister to take out the trash. And she kept putting my grandfather down just because he’s big/fat. She also said that my mom should die. My grandma also said that she doesn’t care if us kids choke on our food. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with her. Please please help!

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Have someone check her for UTI.. That is my go to answer, only because, when any of my relatives or best friends mom got one, they went extremely nutty.

They would act strangely, they would talk strangely, and at times get angry. UTI's affect the brain somehow. So, it's the easiest thing to check, and if you catch it on time, it's easy to fix. With this being said, if it travels farther into the body, things can get really whacky...

Coolgirl, the only people that have the power to help your gramma is your grandfather, or your mom and dad. She needs to go to the doctor. We cannot help you to help her because she needs a doctor to check for a medical or cognitive condition. Or she could be descending into mental illness...again, the only help we can give you is for you to urge your grandpa and parents to take her to the doctor. On this forum is a section called Care Topics with information broken down by categories. Maybe start reading the section on UTIs or dementia or Alzheimers and if you find anything in those articles, you can present it to your family and maybe it will get them on a path to help her. I wish you all the best — this is a distressing spot for you to be stuck in!

We don't know what's wrong with her either. She could just be a mean old woman you are stuck with until old enough to move out. Try to steer clear of her, and help your Mom and Dad because they must be as beset by her as you are. Good luck Cool Girl.

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