A cardiology test.

I did things I have had no interest in, in 3 short hours.

cleaned, got out my fall decor.....

I felt like my old self.

I have been reflecting.

What does it say about my daily routine, that I have been so non-go-getter.

3 hours of complete freedom uplifted me.

I haven’t felt like that in 2 years.

Same amount of time since I left my own life.

Wow....eye opener.

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Caregiving is a great responsibility and I am glad that you were able to get some time away. Please try to get more time away because caregiver burnout is real.

Glad you had a break! So happy for you 😊

The adult day care the AAA social worker helped me find has been wonderful for both Mom and me. Six hours three dependable days a week to shop, clean, sleep, have lunch with friends, take a child to the splash pad, visit a dentist or PCP, etc. If your LO can qualify for a day care, I highly recommend.

Glad to hear this, Arimethea33! Three hours of complete freedom -- yes, that is a wonderful thing.

Sounds like you need more time, more freedom. Is there any way to make that happen?

For myself, I have what seems like a fairly good 24/7 situation (shared with my sister), but to be alone in the house for three hours is absolute heaven. Today my sister took my dad on a brief walk (roll) around the block and I just reveled in the minutes alone, without the constant responsibility of the caregiver. It was so great.

I think you have to get some more of this time for yourself!

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