Grandma pretending not to be able to stand up is so irritating.


Not a question but a rant. Grandma frequently pretends that she can't stand up. More often if there are strangers around. She will start by complaining how she has no strength in her legs and can't stand. She'll add dramatic effect by hitting her legs as she's saying this. Then she'll "try" to get up and then quickly sit back down. I can tell she's not even trying. This will go on and on and on for an hour sometimes. Strangers will ask if we should help her. I say no. I show them she's faking by having everyone leave the room. 5 minutes later, she's walking down the hallway saying that everyone left. The last time it happened when someone that didn't live here was in the house, she came back in afterwards and sat down and got back up without any problems. The person said she's not having a problem anymore. I said it was all an act. I see her sit down and get back up without any problems 10's of times a day. She doesn't stutter or stumble or anything else. She just stands up. I know she can do it. Yet at least once every couple of days, she'll pretend to not be able to stand. She did this last night when it was time to go to bed. She just kept saying she couldn't stand up. So I left and went to my room. Not 2 mins later, she's walking by my room on the way to hers. Why grandma?



Attention seeking comes to mind plus a dose of dementia. As long as you now she can do it you are taking the right approach by ignoring it. Rest assured she will think up things that are far more annoying.

Why does it irritate me? I find that someone "trying" to get up over and over again while all the time complaining that she can't do it and calling on everyone from long dead relatives to god to gremlins to come help her for an hour at a time at least once every couple of days irritating. Wouldn't you? She also doesn't really want help. Since when I try, she tells me to go away.

Is this your grandmother who is 103 years old?

Why does this irritate you so much?

Could also be she fears if she's viewed as being "OK" people will not come around to see her as often, so she underscores a possible weak area such as standing (even though she can do it) when there are enough people there to see it so people remember she needs the help and visitors. I have seen this where people want to make sure others don't forget about their needs so they provide a demonstration from time to time. Could also be it truly is more difficult to stand than she's letting on & she'd rather not do it at certain times than risk falling? Not sure what her deal could be, but I agree with you there's something behind it.

She is looking for and enjoying the attention she is getting.