I'm their scapegoat. I am the organizer and the stress is wearing on everyone. So, they find a reason to be mad at me and decide not to help. One doesn't "like to be told what to do" though, as you all know, you have to be on schedule with meds, appts, etc. Another one doesn't like something I did ten years ago (that I'm just now finding out about!), and still another got his feathers ruffled because he couldn't be added to her accounts (he has a lien for nonpayment of taxes). Excuses! That's all they are. They can't blame Mom and they want their life back. Well, guess what? So, do I!

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I love to hear this venting about siblings, although it makes me ill about this fact... I get some relief in knowing there are others out there who have ignorant family members who just don't get it. I just know that I was put in this position because I Love my Mom and someday when my sisters kids have to help her she'll be sorry she treated her Mother this way.

You have my complete could be talking about my siblings. I have no answers for either of us. I take care of Mom to the best of my ability and they can just do whatever.

I've tried talking to them, emailing them and have a social worker from the Home Health Services talk with us as a group...nothing good from any of it. I have a positive attitude about everything and will not allow them to impact on my life.

Best wishes!

The heading to the above was supposed to say "The siblings are dropping like flies . . ."

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