if California were a country it would by Country #20 for the highest count for COVID VICTIMS. I didn't hear what #1 was. But that is concerning.

In the news, someone, somewhere saw his medical bill. He was on a ventilator and a few weeks in hospital.. SERIOUSLY $1.1 million dollars for his hospital stay..Insurance paid for most of it..
Yikes,, I don't know what he had to PAY OUT OF POCKET. That is quite A HOSPITAL BILL.
I think I will try to hunker down and stay out of the way.. $1.1 mil that's a hunk of change..And the outcome doesn't seem so good either at this point.
I think I will have my kid cut my hair if need be. I guess I will brush and scrape my teeth better. I cannot find rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Shelves are cleared out. And Tums, are $10 a bottle now? I suppose it's been awhile since I bought Tums, but really? The Store brand of Benedryl is $17.00 now, but it's a bigger bottle. Last time I purchased it was around $9.00. Guess that has been awhile too.
Time to start buying TP again. COVID is rising. Supplies are going down the drain? :-[ AGAIN.
Whether or not people think it's real or not your stores, supplies, and pandemic issues and your neighbors.. IT'S REAL.. Know of too many people in my area who died of this..
PROTECT YOUR VULNERABLE ONES... i.e. LOVED ONES. NO MATTER THE AGE. It is affecting everybody. It's not prejudice; it doesn't care your age, color, race, religion, likes or dislikes. It's just here now. So put on your masks, keep your hand sanitizor close by, and SMILE.
calm, still, and collective...? Is that an army saying? I don't know, just sounds familiar... but it just might help in a time like this.
On all of this, please accept my apology if I upset anyone in my last few remarks, past present, or future.
One last thing, drive safely. There are a lot of drivers who are driving crazy. Watchout. I think driving with my lights on during the day actually helped me dodging an accident. Today, someone started to pull out into the street, saw me and stopped.. Think he would have continued had it not been for my lights being on. crazy crazy times.

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CDC Flu statistics 2018-19:

CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza

Covid 19, as of July 15 2020:



D-DAD... stay home if you can, wear your mask.. I saw a man Sunday at the mall wearing one rubber glove on his right hand. I guess he is right handed.. You can use a penny.. a real copper penny.. to press things. I am kind of a rebel... I wipe my hands on my pants, jeans.. Hopefully that will help too. I placed my hand on the counter at the pharmacy.. I actually got kind of grossed out when it was wet and slimy... antibacterial gel... yuck. the clerk wiped it clean when I told him. went to my car, and rubbed my hands with similar gel.... yuck.
no rubbing alcohol, peroxide... paint thinner might work.. What doesn't kill us will make us stronger ---right? hopefully... my dad was afraid of the BIG C.... exactly what he died of... BIG C. all my life... he was afraid of that...
I am not going to get tested. Yes, I do have family who can get more easily... So, I am taking all the recautions I can take. I don't go to my neighbor's home. The man behind them died of COVID. His wife is a survivor of it.
I have never been on a cruise. Never will, especially now. But if you were on one, and a huge storm swept over the seas, usually there is not a life boat nearby to rescue a huge ship crowded with passengers... how would someone get out of that predictament? and it seems like ships are a huge breeding ground for stomach flus and other issues. Close quarters... heard on news that an elevator was the breeding ground for 71 people coming down with COVID in China.
So make sure you are practicing safe distancing, and keep your gel nearby, wear your mask - SMILE - You need to be strong. Listen to intuitions. If a situation doesn't feel quite right... don't do it... stay away. If you don't have to go out.. STAY SAFE AT HOME.
It almost feels like girl scouts and cub scouts all over again.... be prepared. be aware and take care.
You are not a loser. And you are not alone about getting tested. Just know that you are not in this alone.

D dad.. I heard on the news today.. if your ballot does not get to the polls on time due to the slow postal service... your vote will not be counted.. It could end up in the huge pile of discarded mail. Look up washington post or your local news.
Sadly, it took well over a month for Priority Mail to travel east to west coast, which normally takes approximately 3-4 days...
Look on the news about president and the postal service,, It is quite sad. I noticed a HUGE DELAY in the postal service the last couple months. Plus I have a couple disputes for postage right now.. I paid $89 for a package that was supposed to go to Ireland.. The day after I shipped it, it came back.. I am trying to get my postage refunded..It never left my city, let alone the USA.
My friend sent her taxes in. I suggested that she send it priority so she gets a tracking number... I really don't know about that one.
My PO is so crowded now. Nobody used to be in line, now is very long.
Do look up US POSTAL SERVICE in your news. Very awakening story.


We barely hug anymore :(

d-dad,,, you are not alone. My family has been affected. We go to work and back. I do the grocery shopping. I go get - bring back... hopefully not covid..

Since I stay away.. I don't think I need to get tested. I wear a mask when I visit my elder in the home, and I do not stay long...

Everyone stays in place.. most of the time... exercise outside.. that's it. But we are saving $ since we cook mostly at home now... Who knows who is cooking the breakfast sausage egg m muffin? My kid is getting really good at making dinner now...although, I am still on dirty dish duty..

All places in our area:


Our area, I heard while I was walking the dog, if you are caught w/out a mask.. first time is $300 fine... I left mine in the car. Nobody around to give me a ticket.
If an officer asks: "Where is your Mask?" TURN AROUND, UNSNAP YOUR BRA, PLACE IT OVER YOUR FACE !! TAH DAH !!! You have a sure and ready mask! Avoid the ticket.

Sunny girl... I just cancelled my first appointment, scheduled for next month. And I am way over 5 years overdue for the "BASE LINE"= FIRST TIME "colonoscopy. So, family wants me to wait till pandemic is over.. might get covid... and when is that going to be?. My doctor is going to KILL me when he finds out. Oh well,... I wasn't looking forward to that scope anyway... And I am going to cancel my eye appointment. So be careful if you see me on the road.. and now I drive with lights on during the day.. Well, If I don't see that car, perhaps it will see me .. ??

I am going to make a mask that says:

Enough said. WE got to nail this thing in the bud. I know too many who have died, and too many who have changed their life styles. Whatever that THING is.. It is not going away due to a "presidential election" or other political crud...

Getting used to it - a mask.. I only wear it when I go to grocery store. When I see people in park, I wear it.. But now I am going to exaggerate my EYES !!! :)

On my eye lids tomorrow, I am going to color them like BIG OLD EYEBALLS !! Masks express the eyes of which you see... :: ) The nose is covered and the mouth. So the EYES HAVE IT !!!

By the way, did you happen to see the mask that opens very wide into a SMILE WITH TEETH? :) That does put a smile on my face :)

We got to get through this one way or the other. How are you getting through this? I found that one of the exercise places is down again, but plenty of parking now.. :-/

I am walking the dog more often. That is a plus.

I’m biting the bullet and getting a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks. I’ve already rescheduled it twice, so, I’m going to do it this time. I’ll get my covid test 2 days before the procedure. Will be my first covid test.

I’ve been an ULTRA careful person with covid precautions. Work remotely, self quarantine, very limited time in public, always wear mask, gloves, never in one place for more than 10 minutes, sanitize everything, etc. So, I’m hoping that I will stay safe for the procedure.

NC went with mandatory mask requirement for all public places unless you are eating or exercising, recently and MOST places like grocery stores, pharmacy, offices, etc are doing great. Almost 100% compliance based on what I’ve seen, but the convenience stores, not so much. They need to wake up. I had to turn around and not go into 4 of them in one day due to customers with no masks! ( I really wanted a Sam Adams. Lol) I later called each place and told them what happened. I said you guys are losing money cause of no masks on your customers. Plus, the employees are at risk! They were very receptive and said they would try to fix it, talk to their boss, consult with attorney, etc. I felt bad they are forced to work and the company is ignoring the law and jeopardizing their employees.


I mean this as nicely as possible. Take a deep breath and calm down.

Yep, it's your right to go have the test. And unless you have symptoms of COVID, I don't see why you would. To know that you have not yet had it? That's just going to amp up your anxiety. So if the test if positive for antibodies, you have nothing to fear. If it's negative, you're going to be unduly upset.

COVID cases are UP because testing is UP. Look at the mortality rate. Percentages, NOT numbers. Not going up. Probably not going to. We're still waaaaay behind seasonal flu as far as deaths.

You know what IS up?

Domestic Abuse
Child Abuse
Abortions (!)
Rampant, untreatable anxiety
Divorce filings get it?

And you know what? We'll have a vaccine at some point, and 40% of the population WILL NOT GET IT. Because we are so stupid. Flu kills thousands of people every year and still, the vaccine rate hovers around 60%.

2 of my kids are doctors and they just shake their heads at the over-inflation of fear that the media has been pushing.

YES. Covid is a thing, it's not a political weapon, but you'd think it was.

Advice from the 4 docs in the family: Wash your hands frequently, don't touch your face and keep social distancing. No point in freaking out.

Not being judgmental--I don't think anyone who responded to this was judgmental--we're all just frustrated.

Hi! I’m sorry that you are so upset and unhappy, but yes it is a very scary thing. Certainly not everyone on this site is judgemental, but there are a range of ‘political’ views as you would expect. It is such a pity that the problem has often become mixed up with politics, particularly in the USA. I’m Australian, and we are experiencing a ‘second wave’ in one state, Victoria. I don’t think it’s ‘a right’ to get tested, and in the beginning tests were rationed because anyone who developed a slight snuffle wanted to be tested. Now we certainly don’t have queues, and I think anyone with a reason can be tested immediately.

We have our own problems – returning residents from various ethnic communities insisting on having big family gatherings to welcome them back, with everyone hugging and kissing because ‘that’s what we do in our community’. And Victoria subcontracted hotel isolation to companies with workers who weren’t trained and in some cases took bribes. All that leads to anger from people put at risk, people stowing away in trains to get through border closures etc.

I don’t think that anywhere has it easy. All we can do is the best for ourselves and the people we care for and care about, and keep it cool with the others. Our state has had no cases for well over a month, so it’s hard for us in South Australia to keep all the restrictions going – which we need to do in case of a second wave. Best wishes to you and yours, Margaret

Dyingdad,, try to keep your cool, and really read the news and COVID reports. Numbers are of course going up as more people are getting tested, even those with no symptoms, BUT hospitalizations are down in the states that got the first hits. The states getting hammered now began later than the east coast,, so as we are improving in hospitalizations,, they are getting what we went through in March and April. The majority of those testing positive are not even going to the hospitals, they are not as "sick" as the first PTS were, in most cases. Is case you think I don't believe this is real.. I work in one of the biggest hospitals on the east coast, in the inner city of Baltimore, which is a breeding ground for everything nasty.. LOL. I work front line in an ICU, and today we have less than 25 COVID pts in our entire hospital! That is good news! At the peak we had 10 ICUs converted to COVID isolation units.. now we have only 1. So we are trying to stay positive that we are heading in the right direction, even as positivity numbers go up,, since deaths and hospitalizations are down here. Also, remember that you could test negative today, and test positive tomorrow! I don't think people here are judgemental.. they just see multiple views from different areas. Wear your mask and use common sence and you should be fine. After all.. you didn't go to a sandbar party did you!

Dyingdad.......what's the point in getting tested if you aren't having any symptoms of the virus? And the real numbers are about one in 300 people get the virus, and about 40% are asymptomatic, meaning they have NO symptoms whatsoever. Even if 1 in 100 get the virus, that's a 1% chance of getting it yourself. Stop being so scared and move on with your life while taking the appropriate precautions, that's my suggestion. MANY people believe the REACTION to the virus is a hoax, not the virus itself, which is obviously real. If we're too scared to go out, we'll stay indoors until the election is over and vote by mail instead of in person; that is the gist of the theory. Keep in mind that TB killed 1.5 MILLION people in 2018 alone.

MAYDAY: I just bought TUMS for $3.97 a bottle at WalMart which is the price I've always paid for them. If I want their generic brand, it's $3.82 for 3x the amount.

Benadryl at Wal Mart is $6.97 for 48 tablets; online so you can have both the Tums and the Benadryl delivered to your front door, free, with a purchase of $35 or more.

The stores here in the burbs of Denver are very well stocked with everything, and no price gouging that I've seen at all, thankfully.

When I went to have neck fusion surgery in 2008, I was in the hospital for less than 24 hours, overnight and out the next morning. My bill was $242,000.00. The OR alone was billed at $10K per hour, so $50K for a 5 hr surgical procedure. Nothing much has changed in the way of ridiculous medical expenses being billed when a person is hospitalized. Insurance takes care of most if not all of it, thankfully.

Covid cases may be rising in some states, but the death rate is way down. Keep that in mind so you don't allow panic to set in. I agree, keep smiling and keep that hand sanitizer close by.......I like the spray on type myself! :)

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