hi everyone. Happy Thanksgiving! I have not seen anything on this board about "c-diff" ( clostridium difficult) so I thought I would bring it up. I had a very rude introduction to it yesterday and wanted to share my experiences - maybe someone on here would find it helpful. Quick summary -dad had a fall back in August, currently in rehab recovering - in the meantime diagnosed with colon cancer and trying to get well enough for surgery to remove a mass. he is 83. He wanted to come home for Thanksgiving and we wanted him home too. We were not ready. He had some diarrhea and in the morning we were told they were going to test him for clostridium difficile - "c. diff". we brought him home and he was still having some issues. around 4pm they called to advise us he was positive. not a big deal unless you have a compromised immune system (my sister has lupus.) so this is a very contagious and potentially dangerous condition. it is an infection that can exist in feces hence the importance of of disposable gloves! so today I loaded up with disposable gloves, clorox surface wipes and whatever else I could put my hands on and we had to wipe down everything Dad had touched - that includes my car. :( this is apparently common in rehabilitation facilities and can be deadly so just need to be careful. Thanks and take care!

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Once he is on the Flagyl (metronidazole) he should NOT be contagious. That being said, it is never a good idea to have direct contact with feces. Gloves are a good idea, so is frequent hand washing. Disinfect touch surfaces while wearing gloves, because most disinfecting agents are tough on your skin.

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