To be a caregiver is a thankless task Every day I wear a different mask. She is fed and her clothes are clean, But her smile is yet a thing to be seen. Order her meds and pay her bills, I need more air pumped into my gills. She wanders the house without a care, The creaking floorboards, I just can’t bare. She goes to the bathroom to leave a mess Most days I just can’t deal with the stress. I scrub the toilet and clean her floors I’m like Cinderella, just doing chores. She’s wandering again, now on the lawn, Please come in now, it’s not even dawn. Now she’s in bed as I bring her her pills, She asks where her son is, I get the chills. He’s been gone a year, I delicately say, She only looks at me in a peculiar way. It seems the days go flying by, Some people can’t imagine why. Everyday is the same old routine Making meals and keeping things clean. To be a caregiver is a thankless task, I’ve never been more ready to take off this mask.

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Someone had posted on your old thread recently.
Glad to see you back.

I am so sorry to hear that your situation has changed. I hope that you can get some respite somewhere to regain your positive attitude.
As so many of us were concerned about, the caregiving that you so generously began has escalated and is so much harder. It was my sincere hope that you were right, but sounds like not quite.

Brilliantly yet compassionate written. thanks for sharing.

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