You're service has been the best however, I don't know how to express my concern wih service I am recieving with Cas Mgm. I have heard that I've got the best Cs. Mgr. However, if I get the worst then there will be many complaints including FEDERAL COMPLAINts .. Ihave no other recourse...this is so frustrating...I would love to talk with someone

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My x-biological x-sister was worse than C.A. I'm not saying the name but you know who I mean. She took off with all moms assets, everything. I get supeoned to court to explain why I didn't pay a $14,000 medical bill two years after mom passed! Why doesn't the state know who was in charge of the money?? Why did the x-sister get away with so much??? Does anyone know how this happens in the lame state of Florida. I want my story to be told. My x-sister stold alot of money from my mom? How do I get this investigated??

welcome to the takes me forever to get a hold of mine and then we only see her once every three months and were still waiting on what is promised for my husband in his current state...if necessary complain to the medical board with the name of the agency and ur case worker name and go from there.

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