First a little of my background.

I posted here a while ago about getting help for my hubby and myself.

I was advised to apply for AA (Adult Assistance) in the UK.

I filled out a mess of forms (loads and loads) and finally heard back. They gave me it. It was at the lowest level but everything helps right? I also had another adult place bring a perch stool (wow this has made a big difference for me) and two raised toilet seats and stands. All free, so I hit the jackpot there. They also arrange for me to be assessed by and OC Nurse (Occupational Health) Lovely girl. After she had done she recommended a stair lift and a wet room conversion. She said we could get a grant for it and gave me all the numbers to phone. I then filled out more forms. Ug!!!

I finally heard back from them. They had granted us the 'Grant. Yippee!!

Now here is the warning.

If we accepted it, we would have to pay the first £3,500.00. We have no savings and have been getting and dealing with all our own problems, until now. This is the first time I have asked for help.

Sooooooooo today, I phoned my bank and am in the process of arranging a bank loan. Double UG! So much more stuff to go through to get it.

Not yet finished.

When the bank loan is sorted AND we move onto the next part. I have to get two quotes for the stair lift and two quotes for the bathroom. So more stuff to do.

So beware if you manage to get help, there may be strings attached.


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THANK YOU. I am reading every post.

Sorry cap locks was on. lol

Well I have the bank papers arriving soon. The man from the grant office arrive tomorrow morning to check that I get what I say I get, and pay out what I said, (I have to be able to show paperwork for EVERYTHING,
Then tomorrow after noon I have the first chap for the bathroom quote. Having trouble finding a second one (They want 2)

So I will update you later.
Love Buzzy x x

Dear BuzzyBee, So glad for your successes in navigating such a maze of calls & paperwork!!! Well done! I absolutely love your jokes. Especially the cheeky ones!!! For several years we volunteered with a group which performed all types of home maintenance & improvement projects for senior citizens & low income families & people with disabilities. The materials & labor were donated. There was absolutely no cost to the recipients. Our greatest secret weapon for big projects were local apprenticeship programs & vocational training schools. Instructors & students volunteered to help out with plumbing, electrical, tile work, dry wall. I encourage you to make a few(?) more calls & see if you can find free or reduced rates thru those channels. Check with churches & fraternal organizations as well. Even a bit of free or reduced cost labor can make a difference in your budget. I would come help if I lived in UK not Tennessee!!!

It does not work like that, I am sorry to say, once they have it, they keep it. Nice idea though.

I thought if they accepted us, it was going to be free. I was SOOO wrong.
Now I will go into dept for 2 years. I will have to be very careful of outgoings. My new AA that I am getting will be swallowed up by the payments.

Thank you will look for it now. :)

No JoAnn, we won't get any money back.
Nice idea though. lol

Asking for help can be hard.

Getting help can be harder. And frustrating.

When I was a single mom and Rainman was around five yrs old or so - I asked his Department of Disabilities case worker for potential resources in getting help with putting a fence around my front yard. I wanted Rainman to be able to go outside with me when I did yard work- without me having to worry about him running into the street or running off all together. Rainman is a tricky one - turn your back for a second and he’s off and running...

So I hear back. The organization that I had applied to said “no” to a fence but they were happy to install alarms on all my doors.

Seems they missed the whole going outside aspect in my specifically worded application.


But still - any help is better than no help at all, right?

...although I did decline their door alarm offer.

Paulfoel123 he has had this done for his dad, check with him BB maybe he can save you some money.

A few years back, FIL looked into having a tub/shower replaced with a walk-in shower. Quotes were compatible - $6k. He could not afford that, so hubby and SIL did the work in a weekend. Materials cost ended up being a bit over 2k. So, although it sounds high, it likely ends up being cost for you and the "grant" picks up the rest.


Thank you for the heads up.

There is a poster that had the same thing done for his dad but it was like 200#s for each. Maybe he can help you. I'll look for his post.

Anyone else remember?

Sorry, don't call that a Grant. They know your finances why woulfd they ask for 3500. In the US thats 5 to 6K depending on the day. I had a bath gutted for 7K about 10 yrs ago. Another one 5 yrs ago for about the same amount. Is there something about having to stay in the house for a number of years then you are reimbursed for the 3500?

Really though, thats really great! Just have to find the right person to help find the resources you need to stay in your home. Congrats.

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