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Just thought I'd share this bit of news I heard today

Recently one of mom's health care providers mentioned their parent had been in the hospital three times over the summer with a c-diff infection they believed was being spread through a NH population

Another individual mentioned their parent had recently had an experimental bacteria transplant and it had worked in clearing the c-diff infection

I decided to look up the procedure and was amazed at what it involved but it seems to be effective although not yet gov't approved - it's an easy search online so I won't go into more detail but thought it might be of interest to some


It does work. I’ve read about this over a year ago. I used to get these breaking newsletters by email on health issues. It covered everything from herbals, supplements, doctor Rx, etc... it covered any health issues from diabetes to even C-diff. It mentioned that procedure.
It is interesting, MsMadge, and gets rave reviews from the people who've tried it - but it's so revolting to think about that you have to assume they were absolutely desperate!
My sister had that procedure done after years of recurrent c-dif. It worked for her but the c-diff did eventually recur after she became sick again and was hospitalized for a long period of time. Meaning there's always a chance of recurrence but the treatment does help stave them off, at least until you get really sick again.
I've known about the treatment for years, ever since my grandmother was sick with c-dif in 2011 and I was reading everything I could about it.   I remember I mentioned it - in a conversational way - to hospice nurse at that time and she got the funniest look on her face, and said something like "Oh, NO, that's not a real thing." haha...

The c-dif bacteria does seem to get traded around nursing homes environments.  My grandmother picked up her case right away, as soon as she was put in an AL room. 

The current modern medical treatment for c-dif is so harsh on a body.  A lot of elders, imo, wouldn't recover from a bout of c-dif and the bags and bags of IV antibiotics.  What's a little more poop really matter when they're already sick with diarrhea every day...?  Gross?  Definitely.  But if it helps...  because the IV antis really don't help, that's why the treatment is recurrent, lengthy, and people get so worn down by c-dif.  If there's a better way, why aren't we doing it??   I'm sure modern medicine could come up with some fancy instruments to make it all much more sterile procedure.  

My sister was grossed out by the idea and resisted it for at least a year, but recurrent bouts of C-diff changed her mind. After she had the procedure, she thought it was the best thing she'd ever done. They do make it a safe sterile procedure - I'm not sure how they do it, but they do. It does sound gross but AliBoBali is right - nonstop diarrhea is already gross.
They are already studying the effectiveness of just using bacteria filtered out in a lab and it sounds like it is working just as well.

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