Stress is part of the territory for caregivers, and during the holidays, that stress is multiplied. The heavy responsibilities can feel overwhelming. In such a situation, most caregivers can use, and will appreciate, all the support, appreciation, and encouragement they can receive.

Gift Ideas for Caregivers

Spa Day

A service that is totally self-indulgent is a rarity to someone who normally thinks of others first. Caregivers are often so busy meeting everyone else's needs that they overlook their own. A day of pure indulgence away from daily duties would be much appreciated: massages, facials, manicures and pedicures make a perfect gift.

Entertainment Tickets

Sometimes, a little time away is all a caregiver really wants. This could consist of a night out, without worrying about caregiving, tickets to a movie, the theater or a favorite restaurant.

Coupon for Respite

With a night or day away comes the responsibility of finding someone to look after the elderly person while the caregiver is away. Offer to stay with the elderly person so the caregiver can have time off to shop with the gift certificate or enjoy those movie tickets with a friend. Even better, create a home-made coupon book with offers to provide transportation, run errands, buy groceries, etc.

House Cleaning Service

With so many tasks to complete, housecleaning can easily get pushed to the back burner. After caring for a loved one all day, not many people are thrilled about cleaning their own home. A gift certificate for a house cleaning service is a welcome indulgence.

Book or Movie Club Subscription

For times when they can't get away, a book club or movie subscription service gives the caregiver easy access to entertainment while still being with their loved one.

A Book of Encouragement

Designed expressly for caregivers, many inspirational books are available to provide emotional and spiritual support.

Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Voice Quilt

This decorative box plays recorded voice messages to your loved one. Here's how it works: family members call a toll-free number with greetings, memories and messages for your elderly loved one. Next, select "a keepsake," such as a photo frame box or jewelry box that will play the voice recordings to your loved one. This is a great gift for those faimiles who are separated by distance.

Memory Kits

From memory games and crossword puzzles to computer software and activity books, there are a wealth of products available that can be fun for seniors, while helping them to protect their memory.

Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

Everyone enjoys reminiscing about life's happy moments, and for the elderly, the past is oftentimes more revered than the present. Your senior would certainly love to receive a scrapbook or a photo album that depicts valuable memories. Pictures, as the old adage says, "are worth a thousand words."

Vintage Movies and Music

Nothing kicks in the nostalgia like old movies and music. Classics movies – Charlie Chan, Casablanca, Baby Face and The Ten Commandments, and music – Benny Goodman, Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald – trigger memories, people and events sure to make your loved one smile.

Exercise in a Chair

Even physically limited individuals and those with chronic conditions can benefit from moderate exercise. There are a number of upper body fitness, flexibility, range of motion, balance, core strengthening and deep breathing techniques that have been proven to improve senior health. Look for DVDs, videos, books and classes.

Large Print Books

As eyesight deteriorates with age, products that offer enlarged or amplified text are always a welcome gift for seniors. In addition to books with larger type, also look at telephones, remote controls and clocks with large digits. Another option: books on tape.