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Relationships Articles

Adding this one simple step when a loved one creates or changes their will, powers of attorney and other crucial legal documents can minimize unnecessary stress and familial discord down the road.

Mum has been steadily declining and is struggling with how to enjoy life despite her growing limitations. Depression and dementia go hand in hand, it seems.

Both Mum’s memory and physical stamina seem to evade her these days. As a dementia caregiver, it’s my job to find something to help both her mood and mobility.

A loved one develops dementia and begins to have difficulty with memories and crowds, but they still want to be a part of family life and celebrations. How can caregivers balance a loved one's desires with their diminishing capabilities?

Issues between siblings often seem to come to a head when a parent begins requiring care. Use these pointers to improve your communication, minimize dysfunction and recognize when it’s time to set boundaries.

When a loved one is facing the end of life, families often experience a whirlwind of emotions. A hospice chaplain explains the techniques he uses to help family members understand and forgive one another and get through trying times together.

After researching the “ethics” of blogging, I realized what had been bothering me. I hadn’t been honest with Mum and it was time to tell her the truth.

The AgingCare forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best suggestions for staying active, relaxing and maintaining relationships in the new year.

Adult children often try to protect their aging parents, but this can cost the elder their independence and dignity. Family caregivers must learn to balance their loved one's quality of life with risks, and this can take practice and patience.

One of the best forms of "help" a caregiver can ask for is basic moral support. Knowing that someone acknowledges and understands their hard work can be the difference between success and total burnout. A social network is a must for family caregivers.

Boundaries are built into every relationship, but when a person is in a caregiving situation, these lines can quickly fall by the wayside. Don't let fear, guilt or obligation prevent you from having some control over your life.

There are many tired justifications for getting out of visiting a loved one in a hospital, nursing home or other long-term care facility. A dementia patient explains why he finds these selfish excuses to be simply unacceptable.

When someone you love has dementia, their health goes through countless ups and downs, and your emotions end up following this pattern, too. This is a glimpse into my ongoing journey with my mom and how I have learned to fight back against this disease.

A company has set out to preserve seniors' legacies for future generations by using video interviews, family photos, old letters and other personal memorabilia to produce a unique theater-quality film.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for humans to establish personal, physical connections in this digital age. However, showing affection through touch is vital to expressing our feelings for those we love--especially the elderly, ill and disabled.

Forging relationships with little ones is exciting and rewarding. Grandchildren can spark a deeper connection with our own parents and grandparents—even those who may no longer be with us.

I frequently think about what the future holds for Marja and me. I am afraid of one day becoming a burden on my family, but I actively try to focus on the present instead of the unknown.

It can be difficult for friends and family to think of the right things to say to a loved one who has cancer. When in doubt, avoid using these phrases and simply listen to what the cancer patient has to say.

Many individuals struggle to accept the label of “caregiver,” but fully embracing this role increases our chances of succeeding in it.

Stories about long-married couples who die close together often make the news because they remind us that, ideally, marriage is for eternity.
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