What do I do if my elderly father keeps falling down?

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We probably need a little more information.

Does he live with you, on his own, or at a facility? Is this something new? Has he had a change in meds? Does he have an illness that effects his mobility, eye sight, balance, etc?

He could need something as simple a a cane, walker, or motor chair.

Also, his doctor should know if this is something recent.
My mother was doing that a lot before she had the stroke. She walked with a cane, but I got her to use her walker. Her legs would just give out and this had been happening for about 8 months prior. She's had both hips replaced, and a knee replacement not to mention arthritus and at the age of 90. How old is your dad.
He's 80 yrs old. He lives with me. I'm his primary caregiver. He has started to use a cane recently. He seems to feel that at his age he's too old to undergo hip replacement surgery. Quite frankly, I really do not like dealing with the doctors. They act like they're doing you a favor by just being there. Plus if you're not "physically sound" they tend to mock you. If we were physically sound, then we wouldn't NEED to go to see the doctor. I'm sorry, I'm going off on a tangent here. I'll just stick to my father's problem right now.
frequent it's OK feel free to rant here, that's what we're here for. My mom had those replacements 30 years ago, I wasn't saying for him to have that.

You should talk to his doctor about the falling though there may be something else wrong...seriously.

Look into that regardless of what feeling you get from the doctor. If you insist they'll respond.
My dad is 62 the last couple months hes fell about 6 times he live alone what could be the problem ?? this last time he said that he felt dizzy and couldn't feel his legs he already walks with a cane
My dad has congestive heart failure & keeps falling. He is 81 and a diabetic. Took him to the doctor last week & they started physical therapy to build up his muscles .We are hoping this will help.
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There are many things that can cause falls including blood pressure issues, "mini strokes", vertigo, neuropathy (decreased feeling in the feet), medication effects and just overall weakness. Have a doctor help pin point the cause and that will help with a solution. Changing medication or, as another posted recommended, physical therapy are often a great help.
I absolutely agree with PT. They lose their leg muscles. A daily visit to the gym to work on those muscles not only builds them up but with working on the machine that does legs and arm movement at the same time takes the cobwebs out of the brain. Don't ask how this works but it does. The patient gets noticeably sharper thinking over time.

Of course the fight might be on to get them to the gym but it will be worth it over time. The goal is 5 days a week for 45 mins. on that machine. I know, I know.

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