My wife has moderate dementia and a lot of phlegm that she can't seem to get rid of. Any ideas on how we can get rid of the phlegm?

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Does she also have swallowing problems?
What symptoms is she having? Coughing? Gagging? Give us a bit more info, please! We'd love to help. The first thing that came to my mind was hot lemonade.
She does not have swalling problems, but the eyes and nose remain congested and she does caugh up large amts of phlem and is constantly rubbing her nose and eyes. She is very weak and sleeps a lot. Lately she has been crying in her sleep.
My mother has terminal lung cancer and I gave her Mucinex and it helped. It broke up the phlegm and made it thinner so it was easier to cough up. Its over the counter, in any pharmacy. I'm not a doctor but rubbing nose and eyes might be allergies- I'm doing the same thing right now because I'm allergic to some weed that grows in June/July. And again, I'm no doctor but crying in her sleep sounds like depression/anxiety.
My Mom also has a nagging almost choking cough that comes and goes throughout the day and a couple of times at night. She has some phlegm & we were told by a different doctor she had several years ago that it was part of her having smoked for 30 years or so & the effects it caused her lungs. She hasn't smoked the the last 15 to 20 years. She is 83 & has alzheimers, is incontinent, & is on antidepressants for sleep and attitude.
My Mom also has phlegm. I find it in her room on walls ,pillows, bedwear , you name it. I wonder if it's that they need more water or the medicines can give her drymouth. As much as it makes me gag, I do clean it up. I don't know what else to do.
Has she been seen by a cardiologist?? My husband had this and it turned out to be CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). This is a treatable (but nor curable) condition.
If she is dehydrated she may need more fluids - if it is CHF a diuretic may help.
Check with your Doctor. Both concerns symptoms mimic each other, so a visit to Doctor is in order.
Thanks @desert192 I will take her . Have an appoinment . They always find her healthy very well, except for her dementia of course but anything can happen at any given time, thanks again.
She needs to see a doctor right away. She might have an infection but my concern is that she has a lung disorder or congestive heart failure. My dad died at 59 of congestive heart failure and he was drowning in his own body.
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I should add my husband's cardiologist gave him an "all's fine from cardiac standpoint" (despite shortness of breath, phlegm, fluid retention in ankles) in January.
In February we wound up in ER and got CHF diagnosis.(Different Cardiologist there ran chest X-Ray, echocardiogram - and because of "technically difficult" study ran Complete Blood panel - that's when diagnosis was confirmed. Also, you might want a pulmonary specialist (lung Dr.) He would be one to prescribe breathing treatments to help with phlegm and fluid build-up.

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