How can I talk to my dad with dementia without confusing him?

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my daughter is stealing from my dad and he thinks she does no wronge any one who tries to help him she feels is a thret to her because she wants all his money he is very confused i have nevers been a bad daughter my other 2 sisters have passed away its like a push pull its not about the money any more i want whats best for him the more i try to explaine to him whats going on he gets more confussed how can i talk to him

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How old is your daughter and is it possible to get a POA for your dad? If he has already been diagnosed with dementia or ALZ I am not sure he could legally sign it for you. You may have to do some legal wrangling but if your daughter is taking advantage of him, please try to take over the financial strings.
A diagnosis of dementia does not automatically make him incompetent to make decisions (at least in this state). Do pursue getting durable power of attorney if you do not already have it.

It must be heartbreaking for you to see your daughter taking advantage of her grandfather. Dad probably can't understand you, but Daughter no doubt can. Is there any way you can influence her?

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