My parents have sold their home but are having difficulty in deciding where to move. How do I help them?

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Senior housing is so limited in wny with one bedroom and they are concerned that the sale of their home will be used to determine the amount of their rent there. However they have limited finances now and qualify for EPIC and Heap. Renting an regular apartment will whittle away the small amount they are getting from the sale of their home but they would like more space than what the senior homes have. They need to be on a ground floor and have little maintenance. This is such a dofficult decision for them and I am trying to help.

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It sounds like they will eventually have spent most of their assets either way, and wound then qualify for Medicaid. My own take would be to help them get what they would enjoy now, within reason, of course. However since they already qualify for some Federal programs, you should check with each program to see if they would lose benefits if they don't go to senior housing. If they will, then the decision will be "is it worth losing benefits now for more room and comfort?" That's a very personal decision. I'd check with both programs for more information so you are on solid ground.
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Thanks Carol, we did some more talking last night and they have very little reserve. My greatest concern is that their monthly income from Social Security is $1900 together and Dad will be 80 and Mom is 76. If they get into a regular rental and if one dies, the other cannot afford to live there. Mom is very energetic and says she doesn't want to live in senior housing. I don't think there is much choice. I appreciate your advice.

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