Anyone successful in getting the VA's Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit for an elderly veteran?

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I'm trying to find out more and see if my Dad (WWII veteran) is eligible, but the VA website is not very informative, and the brochures at the assisted care facility are from financial and insurance sales people.

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Kath, I'm looking into this myself for my dad. I've found that the website is helpful, though I haven't moved forward any more than that. Dad is a 10-point disabled vet and I was told to see if we could get his disability upped before we applied for the A and A, in case that applies to your situation, too.

There's more help on here than I can give, I'm sure others will chime in...Lisbeth
Look up your local Veterans Service Officer and they should be able to help you with Aid & Attendance applications. It takes awhile before approval usually but well worth it if you are able to get it.
Kath, I did what Lisbeth did I ,I used the info from and applied for my loved one and got the VA Aid and Attendance pension. I do not know what we would do without it.
I am a 56 yo disabled veteran and of late it has been increasingly more difficult to get anything done with the VA. Keep in mind that there are an abundance of men and women coming back from the middle east conflicts and its no secret that the government is ill prepared for the influx. Many of these brave young people are facing issues from lack of employment to lose of limbs and ptsd just to name a few. Quite a few of the providers at the Va facilities have expressed the lack of readiness they are currently up against. Unfortunately, congress hasn't been able to pass a bagged lunch no less additional funding to help provide the necessary staffing that is now required. They haven't even gotten to the largest return of military personnel yet which is expected to take place in 2014. Hence, I would recommend patience and prayer as the current providers are for the most part doing the best that they can with their current resources and hopefully these issues will begin to be resolved in the near future. My prayers will be with you until then.
I am in the process of gathering the information to submit for VA Aid and Attendance. I had to wait until Mom spent down some of her assets to apply. will give you step-by-step instructions of what is needed. It appears to take a long time for the VA to make a decision, so apply as quickly as you can. Also, right now there is no look-back period, so if anything needs to be moved around, you can do it without penalty.
If you can, go in person to your dad’s VA facility and ask if there’s a social worker on staff. The SW can tell you if your dad qualifies. And then be the most genuine best friend you can be with the SW! :)
Can retro benefits given to mother be used to reimburse me for her care back to the retro date?
How much is to be expected to be given.
Is it worth the "paperwork BS" to go through all of the Government forms and beauracy to get "how much" ?
( just a ballpark amount, please )

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