I want to donate items to someone that can use them.

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My dad passed after only being in Home Hospice for 3 weeks. Although Medicare covered basics-- I bought many things myself in attempts to make him more comfortable. I do not want to donate to a nursing home or hospice where they will benefit financially--I would rather get them to someone who is caring for their loved one at home and needs them, Items include hospital size gel mattress overlay--used only a few days.. about 2-3 inch thick of gel. A "carrier" for lifting people and moving them(slides under). A walker, 2 canes, pee pads, hospital bed sheet, toilet seat raised(never used), packs of depends for men etc etc.. I am in the Fresno CA area


Sorry to hear about your Dad. You are on the right track, removing items you no longer need, etc. The depends may be a welcome item to a food pantry in your area. Most also offer health and beauty items. For medical aide items,often disease related organization will accept them for their patients that are not covered by insurance. For example, the ALS local chapter took canes, walkers, wheel chairs, etc (I imagine the carrier would be welcomed by them as well). Think of the profile, younger patients not covered by medicare! How about a clinic? AND, finally, if you google who take (whatever) near Fresno, you'll get a list of organizations that may (or may not) be appropriate.
I am so sorry for you loss. I think it is a very nice idea to want to help others that are still on (or just beginning) their journey.

You might consider contacting a local church. They may know people that can benefit and deeply appreciate your items.
Do you have a Goodwill in your area? They loan out medical equipment.
Yes wonderful idea, I agree with you wholeheartedly, a church or local goodwill or salvation army st vinny's etc would be the easiest and there is always craigslist.. dang I could use the gel pad but too far!
thank you for the suggestions!
Also, freecycle. has local forums to offer to individuals.
donationtown is a nationwide directory of charities, many of whom will pick up from your home.
This is super sweet of you!!!
I am sorry for your loss-if there are caregivers support groups in your area you could get in contact with the leader and he or she may know of someone who could use the items-some fire departments also loan out used items and may know where your items are needed-we were able to buy items from families who left them in PT. for resale for a reasonable amount-we got an eletric w/c and a recliner that raise up to make it easier for the person to stand and both were reasonable .
wow, that is SO SWEET of you! I had to agree w/ many :):):) I have a BRAND spanking NEW shower stool. (one with out the sides) too!!! I am in Eagle Rock, CA.
What a great idea to post on here! :)

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