I want to thank AgingCare for their help, kindness, and prayers. It has helped me feel good about a very hard decision I had to make.

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Bishey, it is so good to hear from a caregiver who experienced concrete help from this website. I always say to my husband, "See? There are real people with real problems and emotions behind all of these posts..." So glad you feel good about your decision. I agree about this site. I can't quantify all that I have learned from reading through other people's opinions and experiences---good and bad. We are putting our "education" into practice when we interact with our elder whether we realize it or not. This is the Internet at its best. Keep the faith, BIshey.
This site has been a God send to me for over two years-the support I got during the darkest days caring for my husband money could not buy and since he passed almost a year ago I now try my best to pay forward-I have met the greatest people here who no matter how bad they have take the time to give love and support to others.
welcome ! glad we all found eachother !!!
thank u jesus !!
and thank for this sites !

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