Taking care of me finally. I am getting healthier day by day.

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I have been a caregiver my mom for about a year and a half since she had broken her hip. On March 26 of this year, I have taken the liberty to go for my physical. I told my doctor that I have been feeling very tired for over a year and experiencing a lot of stress due to financial and family health issues. He had done some blood work and an EKG which confirms that I have sleep apnea and very low levels of vitamin D.

My doctor had give me Phentermine for my weight loss and vitamin d pills and referred me to a sleep specialist. I am proud that I have lost a total of 24 lbs since I started my exercise and diet program in March. However, my family is another story. they have not been very supportive. All they do is criticism me for the way I had eaten in the past. I told them they are in position to judge me or anyone about their health. I just think mum is jealous because I am doing something about my health before it gets any worse. My doctor and the sleep specialist tells me that sleep apnea causes weight gain and diabetes. If I don't do something now, I will become diabetic and worse inmobile like my mom. My dad is the worse, he doesn't believe that I have lost the weight. He thought I was just making it up. Many of my friends, acquaintances and coworkers noticed that I have lost the weight. For some reason my family doesn't believe in praising peoples efforts. I guess they don't want me to be the person that I want to be. Maybe I am wrong that they probably just don't want me to be nothing than a nursemaid. There is more to me than being a caregiver. This weight loss have empowered me to see that I am not just a caregiver.


congratulations bemore !!!!!!!!! What an awesome accomplishment... and apparently all the negativity has not stopped you from your desire to be more healthy..... keep up the good work.... and let us know how things are as you make progress....... sending hugs.....
Congrats! Family just jealous. I think you are right about being nursemaid; along with healthy comes self-confidence and they probably can't deal with it.
Keep up the good work!!
If something happens to you, who will they depend on? Keep taking care of yourself. You don't need affirmation from anyone but yourself :), 'beside whou woul stop and take care of you? Have fun with your new program, Im trying, not there yet. My right hand 2 fingers are numb from hold mom's weight when I walk her. Broke a finger trying to get in shape with volleyball. Maybe it's just badly jammed ?
dont know
Good for you... You should be proud..keep up the good work..

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