Great news Mum's "shrink" doesn't think she has dementia?

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Went to see mums shrink today (first time shes been seen by a so called shrink) when we got in there was a trainee shrink and a mental health nurse?

anyway mum put on her oscar winning performance! the young doc asked about her meds i told him she was on aricept but i had to take her off it as she was sick. He asked mum WHY was she taking this?? I said "excuse me" why would anyone be given aricept?
He then asked mum the usual questions "do you want to die?" "do you want to hurt anyone else?"
He then asked to speak to me alone said he didnt think she was showing any signs of dementia and seemed quite sharp soooooooooo i lost it i am still shaking..........i told him everything her hygiene,burning stuff on pan,leaving doors open at night. Obsessing,clutter, not getting dressed,sleeping all day,not taking her meds,eating crap,not excercising etc.............
He said he would speak to the head shrink or whatever and we had to wait an hour then she called me in and asked me my concerns i told her "oh i dont know shes got dementia is not safe alone and i cant do this for much longer alone".
Then she said im not seeing any signs of dementia but then that would be a matter for the geriatrician????????????????
Im sorry am i "NUTS" arnt shrinks supposed to determine whether or not someone is "MAD"?

She ended by saying that your mum seems very well dressed and articulate but we will take what you say into consideration. I told her to call up to the house tom.but be careful you dont get hit on the head by a flying colostomy bag!

I am beginning to think im a "NUTTER" maybe i need to be assessed?


You are not nuts, she is showtiming. A good psychiatrist could see through all that. You did not have a good psychiatrist, the evaluation was inadequate at the very least. So you tell them, in writing, that they are fully responsible for any injury to her as the result of their decision, and that you will hold them fully and financially accountable for any ensuing disaster resulting from their failure to completely evaluate the patient.
A test for dementia is much longer. The short version takes 15 minutes. The long version takes several hours with some breaks. What your mother seems to have gotten was a snap decision.
My mother with dementia is on perfect behavior at the geriatric dr..with us she acts like a tree stump, she can't hear a word we say here no matter how loud we have to get, but when she talks to my 2 cousins on the phone she hears them fine and carries on coherent conversations..I don't know how many times I have said to people I think she's playing us's something I just don't understand..
Who prescribed the Aricept? If it was it her primary care physician, you should ask her/him for a referral to a neurologist to confirm whether or not she has dementia. Why was she being seen by a psychiatrist (or was it a psychologist?) The questions she was asked were useless for determining whether someone has dementia or not.
My parent needed B12 for pernicious anemia. It makes them paranoid and crazy acting. She was missing the protein that carries the b vitamin. With monthly shots she acted much better. Her family doc didn't think she had issues but she did the personality switch up in front of the neurologist. It doesn't fix everything but it really helped. We went through the burning stuff issues and a whole lot more crazy. Hang in there. I wish you the best though.
kazzaa, I agree with the others, you need to find someone else to test her. Preferably someone who specializes in it. Finding the proper diagnose for anything anymore seems hard to come by, esp depending on the Drs. Good luck
Kazzaa - I do empathize with what you are going through. For my MIL - her primary care doctor who she had been seeing for 20 plus years totally understood that she had dementia even though she could "act" like she was fine at the doctor's office. I had to pull him aside and inform him of all the symptoms of dementia/alzheimers we were witnessing.

I don't have much confidence in psychiatrists from my experience with them when caregiving for my mother as well. Only the people who know the patient well and on a daily basis are the ones to rely on. I too have had experiences with my mother and the psychiatrists she could fool - and yes, you would think they would be able to realize this. I also had the best support from her primary care doctor who knew her for years. Take care and hugs to you.
Just what are you trying to accomplish? What's the end game? What good does having her evaluated do for her or you? If he'd said, "Yes, you're right. She has dementia," what would this have done for you and your family? More services? Assistance? What difference does it make what some stranger who visits with your mom for 15 minutes think about her mental state? You know she's not right.
Hows everything going kazzaa?
My mom has vascular dementia. Before her stroke in 2013, she was diagnosed with "mild cognitive decline" after a battery of tests that lasted approximately 4 hours. I requested a full workup because I was noticing that mom's REASONING wasn't working the way it used to. A small example. I bought her some cortisone cream for some itchy skin problem, calling it "anti-itch cream". a few months later, she had used it all, and we went to BedBathand Beyond to get some of it and other items. I picked up a tube of the stuff I'd brought her previously, different packaging, of course. She was a tube labelled "anti-itch creme". She said, but THIS is anti itch creme. I said but mom , that does't have cortisone in it. THIS is the one that I bought you before. She repeated, "but this one SAYS anit itch creme". This is not the mother that taught me to read labels! Called her shrink who referred her for a full neuropsych work up. A depression interview with a nurse practioner; a mental status exam with a geriatric neruo and a three hour cognitive battery with a psychologist who specializes is geriatric assessment. So this was BEFORE her stroke. Now, with some paranoia and delusions and little in the way of ability to complete ADLs, the SW at her NH did a "mini mental" the other day. 15/15! You can have quite a bit of dementia and score quite adequately on the screening exams. You have to get a better assessment K. Sorry for this. Keep your chin up!

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