Mom is less responsive.

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I've been blessed that she has made it almost 2 weeks longer than doctors anticipated but I can see her diminishing so much recently. Friday she stopped breathing for over a minute with me and my daughter standing there, fearing and certain she was gone, then she was fine, at least what fine is for her now. The past three days she has not been acknowledging that I'm there. Not communicating. Not....mommy. It hurts me most on days like this. I need the days she could talk, even if what she was saying made no sense to anyone but her.

I hope everyone on this journey is doing okay and taking care of themselves.


Your mom is probably doing Cheyne-Stokes breathing. The hospice nurse explained that to me. It's common as someone is coming to the end of their life. It's a kind of sleep apnea where they stop breathing for some period of time, then over-breathe when they start breathing again. If you have hospice, ask them where your mom is in the passing process. They should be able to give you a pretty good idea. My mom was semi-comatose the last two days of her life, which was probably a blessing for her. Her hospice nurse was able to tell me when she'd thought she'd pass and mom did pass on that day.

{{{Hugs}}} I know this is a tough time.
I just saw your post Angiedd. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. It must be so difficult to go though this. Do you have others there to support you? Has anything changed since you posted?
Sunnygirl1, my kids, but I try not to lean on them tho they have been great. And yes, things have changed, mom passed earlier tonight....
Oh Angiedd, I am so sorry to read your mom has passed. But her suffering is now over and I hope you can find peace as you grieve her loss. Hugs to you and your family. Please take good care of your self.

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