I'm living with my husband who has a severe brain injury and daily seizures. I need support and information on how to deal...

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My husband caught encephaphlits and the caregiving has been going on for 11 years. No short term memory and no cognative skills..Sezures daily and has had many surgeries and many meds. Looking to hear from anybody dealing with the same issues

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Sorry to hear about your husband--and I know things must be quite difficult for the both of you----I am somewhat familiar with a brain injury-as I personally have had experienced a concusion when an elevator door slammed closed on my head. I would suggest you get under the care of a neurologist-if you have not already. He most likely will be able to find a cure-for the seisures your huband may be having. It could be trial and error to find the right medication that works, and has the least side effects...Hang strong in the meantime, and just remember-there is a light at the end of the tunnel...
Best to all~

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