I'm having a really bad day, but no time to sit here and read and remember how ya'll are going through the same thing......

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which always makes me feel better/normal. So I just popped on to remind myself that Ya'll are here. I'' be back later, when I catch a short break. Nothing serious, same ole same ole, you know......nothing that some sleep and a vacation wouldn't cure. TTYL! I love you!


BoniChak we'll be here when you get a breather! ;-)
(waving from Alabama) We hear you, Boni.
(((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) Boni. Praying for a better day... You have a lot to deal with.
Well 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and I'm having a much better day. :) It's good to know that even a little "pop in" visit can release the pressure valve enough to get through the day. Thanks Y'all!
Ahhhh, sleeeep! It's such a good thing, isn't it?? Especially when you don't get enough of it! I'm glad you're feeling better now! :)
Happy to hear you got some rest Boni..... sending you tons of hugs!!!

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