Just want to say this forum is awesome.

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I am new and I have gotten so much good food for thought and support and encouragement.



Welcome to the family. I think we're all nutty funny, and serious when we have to be. Sometimes brothers/sisters come across a bit gruff (guilty as charged), but it's because we don't want to coddle anyone and must say what someone needs to hear. Pam Stegma, Rain Mom, Gibbs, Nancy, Babalou and many others are wonderful, caring people. ... Don't be a stranger now.
Yes it is...

But as Eddie said you have to have "tough skin" at times because when you cut through the bull*hit the truth can hurt..

Remember we're here to help..
Duck, you are so right :) For myself, there were many ah ha light bulb moments that helped me understand what was going on with my elderly parents.
Eddie - aren't you sweet! Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. Perfect timing as well. I'm baaack!
Hey you guys are funny. Rainmom is back! Sounds like you all have good history. Assandache7 you are so right about the thick skin. Man o Man I always thought I was strong. I've done more crying in last few years then in my lifetime. Also like you said. the crying was due to cutting through BS and reckoning with reality. They say the truth is the light and will set you free. I been set free. I had already done the hard part. and now Im ready for the next round. But Im packing with the input and support of this forum.
Id just like to say I appreciate all the input and food for thought I got in referrence to my sister and nephew blocking me from getting my mom meals on wheels. Well you know what??!!! she got it. The apt. was for tuesday but my sister called to cancel telling the supervisor the that she takes care of my mother, her groceries, food finances and medical and she does not want the meals now or ever. Well the supervisor called me. I said as long as my mother wants it we will proceed. I dont know what her problem is. and so on. Well they pushed it up and the supervisor and case manager came. My sister sent my nephew to hold it down. He left when the folks came I txt him and said arnt you supposed to be here. Well in mist of the intake here walks in my sister. Bad a"" said my mom dont want this, she dont eat it and she dont need it. I take care of everything. My mothers says Ohh yes I do eat it. and yesshe want it. Well now she cant help her self telling the suppervisor she sitting next to that I dont work, I dont do andything for my mother she does everything. Telling her to look at me how bad I look. Oh she carried on. (By the way I look very good) the supervisor was just looking at me shaking her head and tellin me to be cool when I responded to the nosnsence a couple of times. So I have seen the light!. She tryin to cut me out of the loop completely with my mom. Now I have her info from the caseworker because she told my mom not to givve me none of her info and papers. then say she the onlyone caring for my mom. I did not know the hate was so strong. But she used her on mouth to sabatoge her plan to discredit me. I have been my mother third hand since I can remmeber. My sister didnt' have to do anything and they oftern ridiculed me together. I am blessed and I turned to the Father when my mom told me she dispised me when I was young. It was the first word I looked up in dictionary. I dont know what causes a mother to so hateful to one child and baby the other. My mom was spoiled, raised by her grandmom then she married my father, a good man who did everything cleaned shoppped payed the bills. Id watch him and want to help him then took over when he passed. I also promised him I take of my mother not to worry to give him peace cause me and my mom argued all the time. All I could do is protest it didnt help. So here I am now Fighting her and my sisteers hatred. She cools off then starts in again. But at least the accusations of stealing her things her clothers and money have decreased. Right after the intake she started talking bout somewoman who is living in house (hallucination) and she hasnt paid anything since december and she's taking things out of her room and moving things she had lot of compliants about this fanthom. I wonder if my sister thinks she is talking bout me and that is where the bitterness comes from.

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