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So the phone rings at 5:00am. I hate it when the phone rings an hour before the alarm clock hoes off. It's her and she is in near hysteria because she doesn't have a car and doesn't know how she's getting to her dr. appointment. She hasn't had a car for almost three years AND yesterday we talked about the plan for her appointment. So I tell her her appointment isn't for 5 1/2 hours - that it's 5am and re explain how she's getting to it. She's not listening - just repeating the car thing and edging herself closer to hysteria. Finally I tell her again that it's 5am and that she needs to go back to bed and I hang up. Hubby who could hear her rant says "urinary track infection?" I say "probably". He goes back to sleep - I get up and start the coffee. What amazes me is how she made it to the phone and managed to dial my number - two things she has need total assist with for over two months now.


Rainmom, I am sorry, but I had to laugh at your husband'sassessment being totally correct. Just before Mom passed, she had a bad UTI that we did not catch until she tried to pull the fire alarm at the assisted living house. She was so out of it, she was screaming at me that I wanted her to die for her money.

So sorry you are starting the downhill journey with your Mother. It is amazing how they can have brief moments of clarity and then sink back down to their own world. I had to learn to laugh at their ironic situations, and then act as the grownup like you did.

Good luck, and I hope you can keep your sense of humor. Your husband will be your rock through this journey like mine was.
Ah, the telephone calls. My Dad is in denial about my Mom's physical/brain condition as she is now living in long-term-care. She is in final stage of dementia brought on by a brain injury due to a serious fall two months ago.

One phone call Dad told me a nurse said that Mom walked 20 minutes and he thinks he can bring her home the end of that week. I am thinking Mom hasn't eaten in two months and is terrified to stand up. This didn't make sense. Turns out it was Mom who told Dad she walked 20 minutes.

Today's phone call, Dad said Mom ate her whole lunch by herself, he was so excited. Maybe Dad caught Mom in a moment of clarity, but I think he is seeing what he wants to see. I will need to go to the nursing home at lunch or dinner time and see what really happens.
Oh, I hate those wake-ups. With me it's an opening the door in the wee hours. "You awake?"

'It's 3:00, Mom. Go back to bed."

"I need one of those little white pills. Please... please..." She won't let up until I get up and get her one. Darn those little white pills.
I hate it when I try to get in home help for my folks and they say in unison, "BUT THOSE PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOU BLIND!" Right, like the bad guys want your old chipped dishes that goodwill wouldn't take......
I think it's worse when a middle of the night call rings and it's NOT one of the family, but either some joker(s) playing pranks, or someone who soon became an ex-friend when he called from a strip bar and was all wound up. I was REALLY P'O'ed when that happened!
I think anytime the phone rings in the middle of the night its usually not a good thing. The only thing I can think of that is good about my Mom dying is I don't dread the phone ringing anymore. Other than that it all sucks.
Gershun, I noticed that, too. Now that Mom is in hospice in long-term-care, and Dad is safely being watched by Caregivers, my heart doesn't jump as much into my throat when the phone rings.

And thank goodness majority of fax machines have been replaced by scans on e-mails. How I hated being awaken by someone on the other side of the country faxing using a miss-dialed telephone number.... I use to yell into the receiver that this isn't a fax machine because it would still try again and again hoping to get a fax tone.
I hate it when Mom says, WE CANT SPEND ALL OUR SAVINGS ON ASSITED LIVING. THAT MONEY IS FOR YOUR INHERITANCE. And I always say fine. I'm taking all this food back to Krogers and get you a bag of dog kibble and the depends, wipes, all the pills and lotions are going back to the drug store. You can use ripped up rags, corn cobs, cooking oil and castor oil. Then I'll take some of my INHERITANCE to the casino. She thinks I'm pretty funny.
I also hate it when I get my pet peeves mixed up with my whines and feel guilty about my dysfunctional family which I can't get paid for taking care of.........
LOL Windy. My God get it in gear man. Pet Peeves mixed up with Whines............Geeze. Just don't get into the Euthanasia thread and whine or peeve, then there will be no hope for you.:)

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