I suffer from severe depression. I'm finding it difficult to cope knowing what's to come with mums dementia, its breaking my heart.

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my mum has cardiovascular dementia, and its unbearable watching her go down this road, I just cant express the sadness I feel, she is not violent in any way gets a bit angry now again, I was reading some of your stories, and it brought me to tears how many of us that are going through this, I feel for you all, im so angry this illness is so cruel, and I cry my eyes out when she trys to say a sentence, heartbreaking

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It is indeed heartbreaking, and that is a fact, not a perception caused by your depression. All of us find it difficult to cope at times.

Debbiebell, are you seeing a therapist or counsellor of some kind now? You deserve all the support you can get, and your mother deserves you to function at your best. It won't make her disease any less cruel and heartbreaking, but it can help you cope a little bit better.

Realize that you are mourning all the losses your mother is experiencing. I found the book "Loving Someone Who Has Dementia" by Pauline Boss to be very helpful in understanding what I was going through as a caregiver. Perhaps it would help you, too.

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