My husband is on carb/levo 25/250 and carb/levo er 50/200 among other medications. He does seem better, visits to doctor, does not solve any problems. They do not seem to help, just come back in three months. does this happen to everyone?

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Hi bj,

At one point in your question you indicate that your husband does NOT seem better and at another point you say he DOES seem better! Was one a mistype? You also don't indicate what other meds he takes. This might make a difference in whether any of the meds are helping him at all, if they are causing conflicts with one another, or if they are causing side-effects. Many of the side-effects of these types of meds are much like the actual symptoms of the diseases; so much so that many times you can't be sure whether the symptom a person has, such as confusion or loss of short term memory, or even Parkinson's-like muscle rigidity, is a by-product of the disease or the med!

My Dad also takes levodopa/carbidopa for Parkinsonism symptoms of his dementia, which was diagnosed as Alzheimer's four years ago. Parkinson's-type symptoms ARE evident in many people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, but they can also be a part of Lewy Body Dementia (which we are pretty sure my Dad actually has). A lot of it depends on whether the Parkinson's symptoms began prior to the dementia or after the dementia. It really is difficult many times to get a definitive diagnosis of which type of dementia a person actually has.

As for the doctor's visits not really helping and being told to come back in three months -- this is much the same with my Dad. Does your husband go to a neurologist or a GP? Did a neurologist diagnose the dementia? If he is just going to a GP he needs to see a neurologist for further diagnosis and med prescriptions. My Dad takes Seroquel and Exelon patch along with the levo/carb. At this point I'm not really sure if any of them still help him to any great extent. Many times several different meds have to be tried because one may work better than the other, or they may have major side-effects, and no matter what they take not every symptom will be helped. Sometimes you just have to decide which is more important -- the mental aspects or the physical aspects. Also, how old is your husband? This may make a difference in meds, etc. Does he take these two prescriptions at the same time, or one in the morning and one at night?
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Parkinson's with Dementia (PD) is one of the Lewy Body diseases. You will find a wealth of information about treatments, including drugs, at the LBDA website,‎.
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