Dad suddenly went from being independent, to needing 24 hour care. I am his only caregiver.

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dad was a Naval officer from 1962- 1969...


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Please contact the Veterans Administration to see what help is available to you. In some areas you can even get some in-home care covered. This takes time, however. Meanwhile, check with your Area Agency on Aging and try going to your state website where you should be able to find your state's version of the National Family Caregiver Program. It may have a slightly different name, but every state has this program in some version. If you type "aging" in the search box (your state site) you should find many links on services. You need help as soon as possible.
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Depending on his diagnosis, he may qualify for hospice. He doesn't have to be dying, just have a fatal diagnosis. Diabetes, heart conditions, dementia, etc. My mom qualified with her chronic heart condition. She'll could live another ten years. It is a free Medicare service and includes nursing, CNA's, bathing, depends, chaplains, social workers, and on and on.

Beware of people that will do it for you 'free' but want to sell you something. Especially annunities. He does have to qualify financially but he doesn't have to be poor and they (unlike Medicaid) do allow transfers to trusts. Be careful not to mess up any future Medicaid eligibility.

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