I'm having one of "those" days!

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Well, Mom is..and I'm suffering for it. I am SO tired of repeating myself over and over again. It's exhausting. plus I just found out she TURNED DOWN an offer to go OUT with my sister that does NOT make that offer often. I need some vitamin V!


Did I mention it's a million degrees and the neighbors kid has been blowing the car horn for almost an hour? Just venting. Thanks for listening. You all are the only ppl that do!
Yes, I understand. I have to repeat myself to my mother all the time. It is indeed exhausting. Perhaps you can reschedule with your sister for next week-end or something, and that will give you some free time to look forward to.
BoniChak, Hang in there, I feel your pain. I also repeat things multiple times for my Mom and it is draining! To make matters worse, I have to scream at least once otherwise she won't stop doing whatever I tell her not to do. My Mom is 80, but she is less behaved than a 3 year old. So exhausting. The day will be over soon, tomorrow is another day.
Thanks Y'all. You said everything I needed to hear. i know I am not alone in this and could not do it without YOUR support.
Boni, fixed lunch for one of my gfs it was her bday, so been out of the loop today!
What's wrong with Mom? Maybe it's the heat:(? I say go get a couple of squirt guns and have a water fight, then eat Popsicles. Heehee:)
Love you!! xo
Oh yea, meant to say: my Mother, my husband, my SIL's Dad are all hard of hearing, big time. Sometimes when they were all together, I felt like I was talking to myself all the time. Like those crazy people ( before cells with earpieces) would do walking down Main Street talking non stop to the voices in their heads. Now, it's just my husband. When we can afford it ( soon, please God)he will get hearing aids. I mutter all sorts of nasty things as I'm walking away from him.
He Yells at me from upstairs when he wants to tell me something, but I have to drop what I'm doing, go to where he is to stand in front of him to answer. It's just not flipping FAIR!!! BLAAAAH !! I feel your frustration:( xo

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