Would anyone want to see the wonderful journey we shared?

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On December 10, 2014, my best friend of 42 years died at my home with the whole family and her best buddies all gathered. Just what she wanted. In the last month, I have started the grieving process, gone from a goal of getting out of bed every day,..finding a few happy moments in days, to having a revelation. Cindy and I talked a lot about her writing a book on her Breast Cancer experiences...titles thrown out. She never got the chance....I am having issues with a long standing injury of my right arm and have been told I need to do something less hand intensive. I purchased Dragon Dictate for home. My need of your help......would anyone read/care/want to know about the 4 year struggle Cindy went through? Would anyone want to see the wonderful journey we shared? Thanks for any comments...good, bad, or anything else. Looking for advice, opinions, comments, suggestions, or any other comments anyone has. Please feel free, I will not be offended.


I think that it is a great idea and might be therapeutic, for you. I am in AZ. and am very interested in medical marijuana and the treatment of cancer. Did she try that?
I agree with the above answer, it would be a great idea. Contact the American Cancer Society-they may be able to offer some advice. I'm sorry your friend died so young. Celebrate her life anyway you can, sharing her story may help others and it would be a good way for you to express yourself and help with the grieving process.
Awesome suggestions. Cindy did not try the medical marijuana route. Thankfully (?) her pain was very controllable with regular pain meds. I never thought of the Cancer Society...this is why it is best to reach out! Cindy always wanted to be an advocate for other patients and hoped she'd be an inspiration. In the local area, she has made a tremendous impact on people with/without cancer. Her inspiration has been an outpouring of love and stories that I really believe need sharing. Helpful to me....absolutely. I would get to share my love and experiences of a very dear soul. The funny things that we've shared.....not many know about...even in the family....the laughter, tears, hugs and just life.
chrisblair63, another place to help others with their own journey with breast cancer are the numerous breast cancer forums on the internet. Such forums are similar to what is here with AgingCare. Read through the different websites and pick the one you feel would benefit the most. Maybe you could be a guest writer.
Very helpful suggestion, freqflyer! Thank you!

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