I'm anxious about this kidney stuff. It is the unknown to me.

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I look stuff up, all about the kidneys, and I guess that will help me. But, when it really takes place, I am not any more prepared than I am right now. So, I guess I will just wait and see what the doctor says and do our best. I will come back here, because all the help I receive here is invaluable, it is the best. I kind of feel numb because when the kidneys are involved and he is 85, I get scared. So, my emotions are ok right now.


Fanci, they don't just jump right into dialysis, they will medicate him first. They will look for ways to modify his diet, adjust fluid intakes. They will even tell you what to look for in urine color and odor and when to call the MD.
My husband turned out to be ok in the area of his kidneys. They are going to do a sleep assessment since he sleeps alot during the day.

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