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Posting recommending checking this site to hire a lawyer. DON'T. Norton has flagged it as being of questionable security. Don't take the chance of getting a virus or malware. This is just a commercial site and so is the hiremelegal poster.


Thanks, GA. I saw one of the spam messages and reported it. Maybe they will be blocked soon. I was thinking that it was just what we needed -- a legal spammer to add to our skin products spammer.
...and the bidetsprayerguy spammer....
Yeah, it's the weekend and the spammers don't have to go to their day jobs so they are out in force. The whole site has been running slow for me today too, but I guess it doesn't matter as it seems hardly and legitimate people are posting anyway.
Spammer day job: sit at home in dingy basement and hack various websites.

Spammer weekend job: go to other spammers' dumpy houses, sit in dingy basements, and together try to bring down a website.

I also noticed the website was very slow this morning; it seems better now. But then it's probably night time in the spammer community so perhaps they're resting or preparing for another round of posting nonsense.
Fortunately most spammers are not hackers. It would be terrible if they were! Hackers are near the top of the computer food chain. Spammers are bottom feeders.
Good point Jessie; I mixed the two up.

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