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1941 I assume that is the year you were born-tell us more all that came up on your post was -just venting- I think you are new I have been on almost a year-tell us more. You will find some of the most amazing people here- we all have it hard but are able to share and cry and laught and occasionly scold but mostly share and care. This site keeps me sane-at least I think I am.
Hey 1941,

Let it out! This is the best way...and others can help! I know what you mean. I have been taking care of my mom for only four months (strong minded and stubborn to no end) and I don't know how much longer I can do this alone. My siblings hardly pitch in and they complain the most about not having a social life. (LOL) I take care of her 24/7, they drop in on occassion if im lucky. When my eldest brother complained about not having a social life my nephew told him, that jazzy is the one with no social life he said he didn't want to hear it! Why is it the ones that do the least complains the most and wants SOoooo much sympathy?

Caregivers are Angels of Society!

1941, you are so not alone! My parents have been in assisted living for 6 months. I am praying that 2009 is a peaceful one. I have not had to endure the 24/7 care like some of these angels, but the emotional drain of a selfish, controlling mother is enough to send a person over the edge.

I'm tired of caregiving, but these boards have been an absolute God-send in knowing I'm not alone. I have found creative ways to deal with things, found others who I would hug forever, and others who are compassionate and comforting.

Stick around! :)
we all talk about being so tired, i keep asking myself why am i so tired, can mental and emotional stuff rreally drain me so much. I am 42 years old and i can't believe how spent i really am. I've been at this for 10 months without anything more than 15 hour away ,one time nothing else.. hour here or there.MIL is miserable that i take over the kitchen , she is wheel chair bound. the bills have gone up what am i supose to do
i am tired also i am 41 i feel 101 no energy no nothing will i ever feel normal again i want to be happy look forward to getting up and seeing the day now i don't because i know what is ahead of me sos.
Hi 1941...Yes know where your coming from. I'm also tired of care-giving. Been caring for mom about a year now, and she is getting worse by the day, and I'm tired. I have to do everything for her. Cook, clean my house and also her room, clean her up after she eats, clean her after she pottys, then clean the potty 3 or 4 times a day. Make sure she dresses, help with that, because she just wants to stay in her night gown all day. Give her her meds. Clean her up again....Etc, etc, etc....Yes I know your tired and so are we all. Sometimes I feel so tired that I'm sure she will out live me...What a bummer...Take care and try to cheer up.
I too am tired of taking care of both my parents . One with Parkinson's and one with just all kinds of so called alements. Dad with Parkinson's is a hand full but still is a fighter but mom is a complainer , complainer , complainer . I have to do everything for her and we are all mad at her because she lays in bed all the time . She hasn't been out of her bedroom in two weeks. Dad with Parkinson's is worried about her and making him worse. We moved and sold and quite everything to do this. I guess it was more than I thought. It is the hardest job I ever had in my life and I became a 54 male caregiver now with nothing. BUT , i wouldnt trade it for the world. I'm thankful I have them around at 85 and 87. I 's just really hard. Keep smiling guys , it has to get better. We are all great people and will be rewarded someday somewayor another. KEEP SMILING!!!!!

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