I need to get out with another friend, caregiver.

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I Moved here from Calif., to Sharonvlle Ohio. My husband, and family are in Calif. My Mother is a hand full. So resistant, won't listen to me. My Brother takes me to Grocery store, and fixes things. And she listens and talks with my Brother and Husband. But I need a girl friend to go to Hobby Lobby, Mall, Lunch. Just a few hours a week. I haven't bought a car. Because everything isn't settled about what we can do about Mom. Put her in Assisted living here or take her to Calif. With me.We've had a few arguments. But resolve them and Laugh about them later. We've worked through some issues. I think if I could get out a few hours a week. I would have less stress and more patience. Is there anyone interested?


Check local businesses for craft classes, book clubs, etc that you would be interested in doing. Are there women's groups at a local church where you could meet people?

The Alzheimers Association has support groups for caregivers, and area assisted living facilities or adult day care may have their own. This is a good place to start as there are many caregivers here that have been through what you are just beginning to become familiar with.
And Sue, you need to take care of you. Do no sacrifice your own life. If you want to go home do, and without guilt. You can call Adult Protective Services let them know what is going on with Mom. They will check on her welfare and are required to within 72 hours of a call. Your Mom may never realize, or admit to herself that she needs help.

One thing to do before you head back home is to get POA's and other legal documents in place. Think seriously about whether you really want to move her to sunny California. If you do, I would make sure she is far enough away from you to make it a chore to check in on her.
Sometimes these new posts get lost, so responding again so maybe others will offer suggestions.
Where in the world is everybody?
It's weekend. Everyone disappears on Friday night and reappears on Sunday.
Then add on March Madness college basketball... my sig other has been glued to the TV the whole season. I feel like unplugging the cable :P
I;m in Maryland or I would invite you over!..I like the advice to try some crafts classes or maybe call the office of aging in the area and see if they have any support groups, or is brother married? maybe his wife would like a break too?
You can also go to meetup website and check for local meetup groups in your area. I've met a number of wonderful women in my local area and most of us are either caregivers currently or have been caregivers. Good luck!!
Is the obstacle that you don't know many people in the area, or that you can't leave Mom alone?

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