BEWARE of social workers. They are NOT there to help you!

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Mom is currently in rehab and because we had an arguement and I raised my voice I am now under attack by the social workers at this NH. Mom and I have been arguing for 55 yrs and since she is hard of hearing I have conditioned myself to talk loudly around her. These social workers have now spoken to my Mother about a guardianship and are fully prepared to kick me to the curb after 15 yrs of loyal service.


I have medical POA only if Mom is incapacitated. I asked the social worker "How is it that Mom is not incompetent enough to give me medical POA but IS incompetent enough to assign a guardian?" She murmered and then said "Your mother requested help with her finances." I have handled Mom's finances for 15 yrs, and besides, that would be a conservator, not a guardian. They have her ear 24/7 until April 26th minimum and are able to fill Mother's feeble little brain with whatever dastardly plans they choose and I have absolutely no control of the situation. BEWARE!!!!!!
When my mom was in rehab, the social worker overheard me talking to my son on the phone, I was complaining that my brother was able to do whatever he wanted to and I was stuck being the caregiver..well, they called elder services and one day there was a knock on my door and they came barging in to see if I was taking good care of my mom. I was mortified. So, I know what you are going thru. They don't understand caregiver venting like we do on here.They decided I was OK and left, and didn't come back.
I have watched social services change over the years and appreciate the fact that you have warned everyone about this issue. I hope you have an attorney that can help you with their accusations. Please vent with us and let us know about your situation. Take care and best wishes.
I've read a lot about over-zealous Social Workers and sometimes it seems as though they have some agenda to get more elders into the state system. I guess it has something to do with the way the Dept of Human Services funding is structured.

Obviously, the more problems they "find", the more job security they have, but someone needs to remind them every now and then that they are dealing with the most important aspects of both the elder and the caregiver's lives.
The NH association in my state upped their lobby monies by 80% last year, so now I guess they think they can do whatever they want. It all seems to be about "filling the beds" and relieving elders of their life savings in private pay after they have held them hostage past the 100 days Medicare pays for rehab. GOD will judge and the NH's will reap what they have sown, but in the meantime they do the damage. I've talked to numerous attorneys and the Ombudsman finally got back with me after a week of phone messages. I pray He helps & we can get this mess straightened out. Like I needed more stress.
Good for you, Castoff. whether you want it or not, they are bringing a fight to you and you should never back down. Despite the mask of good intentions they hide behind, it's obvious as heck that they have a profit motive behind their actions, YOU are your mom's protector. Don't let them win.
Stay Strong.
Thanks again Ted. The social worker just called and was all nicey nice.....wants to do a discharge meeting....told her I would have to arrange for a witness (as she has had a "witness" to our phone conversations). The Ombudsman must have contacted them. There are still good and true people in this world....that is comforting & reassuring. Thank you LORD!
Good work Castoff! Well done!

I'm sure there must be an official agency in your state where you can submit your concerns so that this can be stopped from victimizing others.
Thanks for the great link. Will do.
Hi, I am going through this sight looking for resources for my ill grandmother and am sad to hear about the experience you had with the social worker(s) at your particular facility. I am a social worker, and although I work with a different population of people, trust me, I FEEL YOUR FRUSTRATION! It disturbs me to hear when any social worker is misrepresenting my profession. I only want to offer reassurance to you, that ALL social workers do not respond to situations in this manner. I hope that one or two experiences will not cause you and others to believe that all social workers are evil (smile)...because we really aren't. Some of us REALLY take what we do seriously and care for people as if they were all related to us. Please don't let one or two bad apples (encounters) spoil the bunch. I pray everyone involved will do what is the absolute best for your loved ones.

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