911 and not expected to survive.

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All my begging and pleading with the nurses to admit my dad and no one listened,, yesterday I walk in and find a man in distress, shortness of breath, swollen extremeties,, and 911 it is pop even though he argues. 3 Nurses,, he's had 3 NURSE VISITS in 7 days and they would not admit him ,,, I told them he is spiraling ,, they ignored me ,, I called frantically yesterday and the nurse went and checked and gave him juice and water and said "oh he just doesn't want to get up " ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??????? Now here we are Hyperkalemia (high potassium) possible congestive heart failure,, anemic 2 pints of blood ,,, OMG


I'm sorry to hear that your dad is so ill. Is he on Hospice? Is he in your home or a LTC facility?
hes in the hospital right now,, I had to call 911 yesterday for him. Just got word his kidneys are shutting down, so its just a matter of time I think.
Oh no, Didgens, I'm sorry! Yesterday you wrote that he was dehydrated -- do you think what happened is related to that? Hopefully they will get things readjusted and stabilize him. I hope you are ok.
Just saw your last note -- can they get your dad on hospice? (We chose a local non-profit hospice rather than the one that was affiliated with the hospital, and found them to be a lot of help.) Do you have family nearby who can help you and your dad?
I can only imagine how frightening this must be for you. I hope you have friends or family to be with you. Please provide an update, when you can.
((((((hugs)))) so sorry about your dad and that the nurses didn't listen to you. I hope you can get some help for him now.
Thinking of you didgens, so sorry, hugs, Bella
thank you all so much. The hospital isn't talking about forcing us out like they did with my mom. and it being a 3 day weekend I don't think much of anything is going to happen other than comfort measures. Hess clearly shutting down, no appetite. I don't believe he will last the week. Im doing ?? so so considering this is my 3rd major loss in a year and a half. Well if you count my beautiful fur baby doggie then 4th. My doggie, then my mom,, then my husband,, now my dad,,, I hate to say this but I know the routine,, I get it,, there isn't any surprise or glomming onto false hope here. My father had a beautiful almost 90 years,, it was just a matter of time after he lost my mom, the love of his life,, before surrendering and joining her I think. so the tears will flow for the loss of my beautiful papa,, but there'll be a smile tucked in there knowing the two of them are together.

I'm so sorry that you are going through this.....again.

Is there a possibility of hospice or palliative care in the hospital?

Again, I'm so sorry about this; be gentle with yourself and come here to let it all out!
thank you Barb,,, that's what we are hoping for. we do have a nursing home on deck that does hospice should they force us out like they did my mom, but if his kidneys have shut down then I'd be surprised if he makes it through the weekend.

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