You know, like those buttons someone can press to notify you that they need assistance. I’ve looked high and low for a really good one online.

I’m absolutely shocked they didn’t bring these things to the modern age yet. I tried looking for a smart Wi-Fi call button, one that when the help button was pressed, it would send an alert to your cellphone. That way no matter where you are, you’re not confined to one room, be able to step outside and do some yard work, and know that if you’re needed you will still hear the alert.

I wish I had some serious brainpower on my side. If I knew what to do I would have this thing invented in a heartbeat.

I’m 30 and I’m a full time caregiver for my grandmother. It’s a bummer that most current call buttons, the receivers are usually confined to one room and only have a very limited call range. I would love to be able to go to the store and will be able to get alerts on my phone wherever I am. It would ease so much anxiety whenever I have to leave the house.

My grandmother has early stages of dementia, and for some reason she has had really bad hand shakes ever since I can remember, even when I was a kid. So that makes it impossible for her to pick up the phone and be able to press the correct buttons to make a phone call.

If anyone out there has the brain power, please create such a life changing call button that would make the lives of caregivers so much easier.

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Also, most communities have an "Area agency on aging" that can help provide services in the home, including "lifeline" services. Look it up on the internet.

The Area Agency on Aging is supported by tax dollars and provided to home bound seniors at a reduced cost. They are also very knowledgeable about resources available to older adults.
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A cheap, low tech solution to your needs is a wireless doorbell, they get the button and you can carry the chime/buzzer with you, they can generally transmit as far as you need them to.
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Have you looked online at the sites for tools for the disabled? I'd think they would have something available. I know that I found a great basic tv remote for my LO when she was first diagnosed with dementia. I was so pleased that she would be able to use it, since it was basic and just a few large buttons, but, I soon discovered that it wasn't the buttons that was the problem and that my LO just wasn't able to think about picking up a remote. So, even if she was physically able to use it, she didn't have the thought capability to remember to pick it up.

We have family friends with dementia who fall to the floor and can't get up, even though they have a button ready to be pressed. They say they just didn't think about pressing it. So, I might consider if that would be the case. Does she regularly use the phone on her own accord? If not, I'd conduct some kind of test to see if she's capable. Just to be to be on the safe side.

Also, I think there are emergency buttons that automatically alert for help if the person's body goes into a horizontal position. I'm not that familiar with that device though.
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