I given notice 4 times 30 days to only be ignored and if I go out side she calls 911. I was a neighbor and sold my house and I offered to help a few weeks. I been here 17 months no pay she is totally unable to care for her self family ignores me and she is terribly mean and lies who do I call you get help me leaving here and not get into trouble .

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Call the police for a wellness check for a vulnerable person. Tell them you were a caregiver but you have not been paid for 17 months. Alternatively, you could call 911 for a wellness check.
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Pack your bags and leave.
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My Moms neighbor had an aide. I was putting stuff out for the trash when the aide came over to see what I had. She told me she had not been paid in 2 wks. She had called APS and told them she was in leaving that day. She did and APS was there with transport to take the elderly lady away.

You have given family notice. Now you call APS that the few weeks you were suppose to help in now 17 months. You are not related to this woman. You are not an aide and family had not given you a dime. This is slavery. You have given them 30 days notice 4x. You are done and will be moving out that day. Give them the families name but ask that they not contact them till your gone. In the meantime, APS should get there because you are leaving. (Make sure your packed and everything is in you car or in storage)

You cannot be held responsible for this person. APS has to act. Have your car ready so if family does show up, you walk right to your car and leave. Find a motel far from them.
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"Given notice" to people who didn't employ you in the first place? That's kind of pointless.

You willingly walked into this mess and are surprised that nobody cares about you?

You have ZERO responsibility for this person. And her family will not pay you, going forward--why should they? You've shown you'll work for nothing and that's awesome for THEM.

Nothing will happen to you if you notify the family and the state that you are walking away. Then DO IT. And don't come back.

I wouldn't leave this person until I knew that somebody (family member, most likely) was aware and going to at least pay some attention to the situation.

Letting her call 911 is fine. Then the authorities are aware of things.

There is absolutely no reason why YOU would get in trouble. The family might, but that's not your problem.

I'm just hoping you haven't spent all the money from your home sale that you're destitute.
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You are not responsible for this person.

DId you sell your house in order to move in and care for this person?

You can start charging them right now.

Send a written notice to the family that you are now charging them hourly for the care ($25 or $30 per 40 hours, higher for anything over 40, and then higher still for being "on call" overnight). Make it look like an official invoice. There's absolutely nothing from preventing you from charging them starting now. Just make sure it's in writing. Include the start date.

Even if they come back at you regarding "free rent" or "room and board" they will still owe you more when you consider all the hours you are "working". I'm sure they didn't make you sign a lease, right? It's now your legal residence so they'd need 30 days to evict you from the time they file the eviction paperwork at the courthouse (and there's a fee for them to do this). A lot of this is based on whether anyone of them is the PoA for your "client".

An invoice will get their immediate attention. If they balk at paying then tell them you will see them in court, or would be willing to settle out of court for lesser, immediate cash payment. Get a receipt. Then leave.
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BurntCaregiver Jul 9, 2024
They're not going to pay her the ridiculous amounts you've stated, Geaton. That's not going to happen. If they pay her at all they are going to stiff her on whatever is owed.

The best bet here is to forget about money then just go and not look back.
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You are not responsible for this person.
Once you leave you could call APS and or the Police and ask for a Welfare check.
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If you have given your notice 4 time, and have it in writing you have gone over and above. Hopefully you have taken notes on the calls to APS. i am pretty sure you have covered your bases. So make your plans to get out, and make one last call to the family saying I am out of here on,,, tomorrow? Then GO !!
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Geez call APS and leave. You've been a slave for 17 months. Here's your emancipation papers.
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Walk away from this situation. You've sold your house. Call APS letting them know that you do not live there and you are not responsible for this person.

You offered two weeks of help and it turned into seventeen months? How did this happen? Do you have a place to go?

Stop helping lying, mean and ungrateful people.
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Just leave. Call APS, useless or not, and report a vulnerable elder living alone at the address, and that's that. Slavery ended long ago, so nobody is obligated to work for another, free of charge, period.
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When the client calls 911 tell the police when they come and report a vulnerable elder. Tell them that you are leaving and not coming back and give them her family's contact information. You are not responsible for her. Whoever has her POA is. If there's no POA, then her next-of-kin the responsible party. It doesn't matter if no one will listen to you. You're not responsible for this woman. You can walk away.

So do this and have no more contact with her or her family. You can also petition the court for a restraining order against the family members you deal with and the client. Other things you can do are drop her off at a hospital ER or the police station with a note pinned to her jacket explaining who she is and how to contact her family. Then drive away. You're not legally or morally responsible for her. Just because her family behaves abusively to you, that does not mean they can write their own laws.
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