I am the youngest of 3 adult children. By default mom has moved in with me, my husband, son and grandson, She was having extreme cognitive issues at the time and wanted to move in with us.

She has regained some of cognitive ability and resents being here. I was always her least favorite and with onset of Alzheimer's she keeps reminding me. She is hateful and acts out when my husband is not around.

She wants to move in with my sister who has her own health issues. Mom needs someone to watch over her.

Who is responsible to ensure her care? My brother has basically washed his hands of the situation.

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Does anyone have POA. Thats the person who can make the decisions for Mom. Where was Mom before? Maybe she can return and hire help. Or, an AL if she has money. If no money, Medicaid has services for homebound people and NH care. Ur local Office of aging may have some services. She is probably better because there is more interaction and probably eating better. Don't take her abuse and set boundries.
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Has she assigned powers of attorney. If not that needs to be done. Until she is determined by doctor that she is incapacitated she is responsible for herself. She has the right to make her own bad decisions.
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does your sister *want* your mother to move in with her?

your profile says your mom is in assisted living?? maybe not?
your profile also says she has UTI's - this can alter her behavior

if you are unable to care for her, and no one else wants to either. depending on her assets, she may be eligible for Medi-caid. But you would need to find facility that accepts M-caid.

when was last time she saw her dr? - if she has dementia, it will slowly get worse.

you will get more answers over the next day(s)
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