I set him a Dr appt, let her take him, and met them there by the time I got there she change all information and care from me and turned my dad against me.

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She did ALL that in a 1 hour doctor appointment? Wow, she's fast!

Does your dad have dementia?
Who is Power of Attorney?
Does your sister stand to gain a lot of money and/or property from your dad?

More info. please.
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You have no information on ur profile. Does Dad have Dementia/ALZ? Do u have POA financially and medically? If Dad cannot make informed decisions and u have POA it kicks in now and sister cannot override you, If Dad is OK mentally, then he can make his own decisions, then POA doesn't come into it.

So, what do u do? You have taken care of him, got to Ohio with him, sister takes let her have the responsibility of Dad. Tell her since she feels she is more qualified, she can care for him. Believe me, members will be replying to u.
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That is terrible! Who has, if anyone does, the medical power of attorney?
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